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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Watch OUT!

I want everyone to know that there is a blogger attaching a virus and leaving comments on blogs don't click on the comment, report it right away to blogspot. The name of the commenter was frasier? something like that! This virus will infect your computer and make it real sick. Luckily I have a husband who knows how to fix these problems! Good Care!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Wheeler?

Parker learned how to ride a two wheeler! Yea! It was really cute on Saturday the 15th he said "Mom can you take the training wheels off the bike?" So I told Justin and he stopped what he was doing to help and Parker just took off. I started running by the bike at first and realized I didn't have to. He is a pro now! Isn't he cute!!

Spring Break:)

Well last week was spring break! It was great to have a break from getting up early and doing homework and all the other stuff you have to do when you are a mother of school aged kiddo's. The only problem with spring break was the kiddo's were home the whole week. So my thought process was...
What do I do?
So Monday I decided to take the kids to

Horton Hears a Who!

Great movie !

That was fun and it got the kids out of the house and not making a mess and fighting with each other...

After we saw the movie I decided to be generous and take them to Dairy Queen and get ice cream cones! They loved that and for a moment I was " a great Mom"

So then what do I do on Tuesday!?!

I decided for Tuesday I will go and buy...

Great Movie
I loved this movie and so I decided to buy it and get some popcorn and have a movie day at home! It was fun and it surprisingly entertained the kids so they weren't fighting and making a mess!I do have to say that James Marsden is adorable in this movie!

Sooo! Cute!

This brings us to Wednesday! What am I going to do on Wednesday? I have nothing planned and I am very afraid. So I called "Mitch" My sister in law. We took 8 kids to Crimson's Baby Boutique, shopping for Easter suits for the boys! We then went to McDonald's and ate and then went out again to Burlington Coat Factory looking some more, that was an adventure. Thanks for entertaining me and the kids on Wednesday "Mitch".

That brings us to Thursday, Well last Saturday I asked Justin if he would want to take Thursday and Friday off and go camping with the kids! He excitedly agreed and so We went camping on Thursday and Friday! We had a great time and other than it being really cold at night it was such a nice time! The mountains were so fun and of course dirty! Here are some pictures at camp!

While we were camping on Friday we took a hike! The kids were so excited and eager to get going! It was great and about half way there the kids were tired! Eli said he wanted to go home and Michelle said she was afraid of bears and Parker well he didn't care either way! Justin was caring Emie and she even got tired!! We had fun and it was something to do in the mountains.

Wow is there actually more! Yep...

On Saturday we came back down the mountain and spent the Easter Weekend with Megan's Family in Safford! We just hung out at Monica's house. Until it was time to celebrate Parker's 4Th Birthday! I figured since his b-day is going to be on Tuesday we should have a little party for him. It was great Grandma & Grandpa Crockett made Hamburgers and salads and it was very good. Then we sang and had cake and opened presents. I think he had a great time!
Then on Sunday we went to Megan's parents ward so Grandma could show off her grandchildren! Luckily they stayed clean for church. On the way home though Michelle was eating her candy and dribbled some chocolate on her new dress. Luckily Monica knows everything there is to know about stain removal. So I don't have any pictures of the kids in there Sunday dress. We got home last night at 10:00 and are very tired and glad to be home. I hope all your Spring Breaks were as fun as ours!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just When You Think...

Just when you think everything in your life is the same and mundane, someone does something for you to make you feel loved or better or just makes you feel happy. Well this after noon after a hard day of doing laundry Justin came home with these!

What a huge awsome surprise! So thank you Justin and for you I will fill out this little thing that Monica tagged me with!
My Hubby and Me

1. What is his name: Justin Drew Platt
2. How long have you been together: We met in August of 1995... We got married March 8th 1997 and are still together so just about 12 1/2 years
3. How long did you date: FOREVER...1 1/2 years on and off and on and off
4. How old is he: 35
5. Who eats more: Depends on what is being served...
6. Who said "I love you" first: I think I did..ooops I always said I would always wait to say it second but oh well
7. Who is taller:Justin
8. Who can sing better: I can but Justin isn't all that bad
9. Who is smarter: Well since I have had a litter of babies and have MOMNESIA, I have to say Justin is!
10. Who does the laundry: I do. I always have I think I always will!
11. Who pays the bills: He does he know all that stuff.
12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: He does and he will not let me over there either.
13. Who mows the lawn: Well since we bought our house Justin always did but in Novemeber he hurt his sholder and now I have to.
14. Who cooks dinner: I do!
15. Who drives when you're together: Now that he is hurt I do. Our home teacher called us a "old couple" because I have to drive him places!
16. Who is more stubborn: HE IS. I always give in!
17. Who kissed who first: Well I am going to say he kissed me first because I didn't want to take something he didn't want to give.
18. Who asked who out first: Yea we were poor so we really never went out we always went everywhere together.
19. Who proposed: He did!
20. Who has more friends: I do.
21. Who is more sensitive: I am because I am a little baby.
22. Who has more siblings: Justin is the oldest of 6. YIKES!
23. Who wears the pants: Justin always has and always will.
So thanks Justin and I love you!

My Family

My Family

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