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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving...and Picture Overload

It's Halloween time and that means pumpkin carving. I am not a big fan of carving pumpkins I don't like all the gook and yuck and messy kids! However, this year we were invited to carve pumpkins with a few friends! It was so much fun, the kids had a blast Parker carved his pumpkin for at least 45 minutes without speaking a word. Now his pumpkin turned out a little smashed but he loved it and is sooo proud of it you will see it later in the bombardment of photos. Michelle decided to go at it herself and carved a real cute (if they can be cute) cat! She did it all herself and did a great job! Eli and Jennifer (the pregnant girl) carved a bat sitting on a pumpkin Eli really enjoyed helping Jennifer out and I think Jennifer liked having the help too. Adam (the teenager in the pictures) carved the hardest pumpkin, a hollow tree. It had a ton of little cuts but it turned out really good. I wanted our pumpkin to look cute, which I got a lot of heat about, because Halloween is supposed to be scary. I get scared easily so I went the cute route. So ours is the one with the BOO teeth, Justin carved it because I don't like to! Terry (the man in blue) carved the cutest little Casper it turned out really good. Beth (the lady in black) carved a vampire biting a woman's neck, in honor of her daughter loving the Twilight books. Matt ( the man in Yellow) I think took the cake when he came with a pattern of Sarah Palin's face to carve into his pumpkin, it looked really good too! We had so much fun, and the kids loved doing it and I don't think Justin hated it as much because he got to talk with adults while carving! Karrie doesn't like to carve pumpkins either but she loves the seeds so she collected all the seeds, I think she will have enough to last a while! I got to do what I do best and that would be to sit around and chat with friends and take pictures. Karrie didn't like that I wasn't in any pic's though so she talked me into at least one picture with Justin and Emie. Emie and Eli's pumpkins were so funny, I bought some potato head type of decorations for a couple of the kids just in case we didn't want all of the pumpkins to be carved, well Eli helped Emie with hers and they were too cute. All in all this was a great night now it is time to start planning for next year!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mommy Daughter Movie!

This post is long over due! Last weekend High School Musical 3 came to a theater near me. So I thought "what would a good mom do?", Along with my sister telling me I really should take Michelle to see the movie. I broke down and went to see the movie. It was really a good movie to complete the story. I enjoyed it and I am pretty sure Michelle did too. It was the first movie since Star Wars 1 that I had to wait in line to get into the theater.

While we were walking to the back of the line we passed this group of little girls who all had shirts that said "I "Heart" Troy" it was really cute, I am sure that their mothers (who had the same shirts on) got them made for them but I thought it would have been fun to have that for Michelle and maybe for me too! It was a lot of fun and Michelle actually used these words..."You're the Best!"... WOW I never thought she would say that but it was nice to hear! Well I think the movie did pretty good opening weekend...

High School Musical 3: Senior Year BV $42,000,000!

I think that would be considered a good opening weekend!

As for the movie I liked it. I thought in the earlier movies, Zach and Vanessa didn't seem like they had any kind of romantic chemistry, Finally they did, it seemed like they liked each other in this movie.

The movie made me think back many many years to when I was graduating from H.S. and I remembered how much fun it was to be with friends and laugh and have fun. The kind of fun you can have when you are that age anyway!!

So it was a fun movie for me to watch as much as it was for Michelle. I would definitely recommend the movie to see. Michelle has already requested it for a Christmas present but I informed her it probably will have to be next year.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We Had A Visitor!

Last night a knock came at the door and the kids exclaimed it's...

Jack Sparrow!

Yep us and Jack Sparrow are like this ... well...we are close! He dropped in for a visit before crashing a late night party last night. The kids were so excited to see him and all of his Weapons. We got some pretty good pictures with him before he had to head off. here are the rest!

Thanks Captian for comming to see us!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Karate Testing

Eli tested again in karate tonight! He has been doing a great job we are very proud of him! here are a few pictures of him at his testing and getting his new "Gold or Yellow (not orange) belt" as Justin so kindly corrected me tonight when they got home!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy Hair Day!

This week has been "Red Ribbon Week" at school. This is the week they talk to the kids about not don't drugs and why and all that we have all been through it so you know what I am talking about! Well so everyday has been something fun to do like wear team jerseys or wear all red that type of "spirit week" stuff. Anyway, today is crazy hair day and this is what we came up with!

Eli wanted lots of little ponies in his hair and I was thinking are you kidding me that will never work your hair is like 1/2 an inch long. We this morning I thought I should at least try and look it worked. Eli, however, got all angry and stuff when he realized that having pony tails hurts. I made him go to school with his hair like this anyway he asked for it!
Michelle is making a weird face in this picture? I don't know why maybe to show how weird she is??? Anyway she didn't really have a "plan" for her hair today so I went ahead and just put pony tails all over and then combined the top ones into one big one with a wild pony tail holder. Michelle was very happy with what she got!
Wow talk about your roll reversals what am I going to do if my 7 year old son starts his period? Just Kidding!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Movie Review!

Well I am sure all of you have seen the new Indiana Jones Movie, so I will keep this short!

On my last post I told you that I enjoyed the movie but there were some things that did bug me! The movie was good, it followed the whole Indiana Jones type of story and lots of action and funny parts. So in that respect I liked it and I would recommend it to you! Now here are the things that bugged me about the movie!

You can totally tell that the movie was either computer animated (CA) or filmed in front of a green screen. I have this thing that since the movies that were filmed before out on location somewhere, were so good and such a hit and probably a really hard thing to top, I think that this film should have had the same attention brought to it. Yes, I understand that now CA is probably the cheaper way to go and all but come on. This movie made well here is the chart:

Domestic Total as of Oct. 16, 2008: $317,023,851
Distributor: Paramount
Release Date: May 22, 2008
Genre: Period Adventure
Running Time: 2 hrs. 0 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Production Budget: $185 million

by the way that is not the worldwide total if you care you can go here

So do you see why to me they should have gone out and filmed this movie to have the authenticity of the older movies. Especially since it was filmed to be in the era of the 1950's!

Well that is all. I bought the movie, I don't mind the movie, I think that my family will enjoy it. I just don't like that everything is looking so fake and unreal in movies now.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Gilbert School district has a full week off in October for Fall Break! What does that mean...it means that we as mothers need to find things for our children to do for a full week. This last week for me wasn't that hard for me. On Monday we stayed home all day and I cleaned the house while banning the kids from being inside! On Tuesday we spent most of the day out and about. I had a lot to do so I told the kids if they were good I would take them to the dollar store and let them pick a toy to buy! After the errands we spent the rest of the day at the church getting ready for my R.S. enrichment activity. Wednesday was the day...the day that just went all wrong. The kids were almost terrible. Fighting, crying, yelling , and running and just all around hard to deal with. I was trying to get things ready to go camping. Camping is something that we had decided to do a few weeks ago when we realized that we had a whole week off of school. I was trying to get the car packed and things from out of the attic and dusted off and washed and ready to go. As I was out back the kids decided to explore the attic. Which is a bad idea because they have been told many times not to go into the attic and not only that but I had done little Christmas shopping and hid it up there! Well I came back into the garage to find the kids drooling over the Lego's I bought them for Christmas. I was so mad that I told them that the Lego's were going back and they ruined Christmas for the year! What else am I supposed to do or say? Anyway they were in trouble and they knew it! So we got all packed and off we went to camp. We went to Mt. Graham in Safford and it was very nice! I got to see my Grandma, Mom, Dad and Sister. The mountains were nice and cool and pleasant. It was a great get-a-way. I almost sent Justin with the kids because the made me soooo mad! I went anyway. Thursday morning we woke up took our last shower of the week and got my dad and headed up the the mountain to get some fire wood and find a good camping spot. We actually stayed at the same camp site that we stayed ot last time, so in all laziness I didn't take many pictures. On Friday morning after breakfast we went on a hike up the mountain. We kept going and going and going! And Finally made it to the top. Yep the top of Mt. Graham. Yea it may have been the smallest peak but for our group it was perfect. Especially considering Justin carried Emie on his shoulders the whole time. On the way down is when it got hairy. Parker was walking down the trail and wham tripped on a small rock to hit his head on a even bigger rock. Maybe I should call it a boulder because that is what it really was. Anyway, Wham he hit hard, like dropping a tomato on the tile floor. So I picked him up and carried him down the mountain. This is the result from that fall

This is Emie looking at Parker's head!
Monica got to see it first hand and gave us a small ice pack to help the huge lump. She stayed for a while and then went home to get away from the smoke and the smelly relatives. Saturday Morning was all business we ate and then packed up then headed out. We stopped by to visit with Grandma and Mom and Dad and Monica. Then we headed home. It is always nice to get home to finally get things back to normal but not me. I didn't want any dirty in the house because I spent all day on Monday getting the house clean. So I made the whole family stay outside until everything was cleaned put away and then I gave the boys haircuts. Nothing dirty came inside I was very happy! After everyone was clean we went to target and returned said Lego's and me a new toothbrush because earlier that day Emie decided that my toothbrush was a fun toy to play in the dirt with. We also bought and watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That will have to be a whole other post. I liked the movie but...well I can wait until later to dive into that mess. Ate at Filaberto's, and headed off the bed to get up the next morning for church! All in all the WEEK wasn't to horrible. The kids were OK and now let's get back to our normal life of school and homework and that stuff!

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