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Friday, May 29, 2009

Emie in Charge...

Of our days and our nights!

Here is Emie waiting so patiently for the kids to come back to me at the pool.

She was ready to go home and take a nap, and didn't like all the waiting. She is so funny, when she wants to call someone she pinches her cheeks instead of making a megaphone with her hands and when she is looking for someone and it is bright she puts her little hand to her forehead like she has a huge headache. Emie is such a saving grace I am so happy to have her!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Official!

Well today was my last official day of being in the Relief Society Presidency!
Yep after just 11 months of serving as the R.S. 2nd Counselor I was released. We got a new bishopric a few Sunday's ago and the new bishop happened to be the R.S. Presidents husband so by direction of the 1st presidency he needed to release her and the existing presidency! So here I am with no commitments and summer vacation before me. I am already buggin Justin as to what to do now! If I didn't feel like crap I would say lets go camping tonight with my sister and her family but I don't feel like getting sicker if I go camping! Anyway the new R.S. left some holes in other organizations so someone said to me today not to get to lazy...yea right I am not going to church for a month and I will then avoid any callings that would come my way!
So as my last official act as 2nd counselor I have a meeting on tuesday morning where I give all the good stuff away and fill and emtpy corner of my house with junk!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Michelle's Piano Recital

Last Saturday afternoon Michelle had her 2nd piano recital. She did a great job, I however didn't check the amount of room left on the camera card so I only got about a minute of her song! I hope that you get the jist of her performance!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Very Discouraged

So I was looking at my blog today and the layout was hurting my eyes...I think it was just to ugly to have anymore so I went for something a little more easy on the eyes:) Anyway I also put a little piece of encouragement for my own piece of mind here on my blog! I hope it helps me know what my importance on this earth is. This weekend was a huge challenge for me and Justin with our kiddo's and I need a few positive affirmations in my life...I hope I start thinking more lovingly about my kids! Here's to a new week and only 2 weeks until school is out!
OH by the way...Blue October's new CD "Approaching Normal" is excellent. Justin got me this CD for Mother's Day along with a new shirt and skirt. It has been a great day filled with breakfast in bed, gifts, church, naps, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (don't make fun I loved that series), and Dinner! Thanks family for the great Mother's Day!
P.S. I did get the clean version of the CD!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Emie cracks me up everyday and a lot, so here are a few pictures of Emie that got me laughing!
She got herself dressed this morning...Notice the shoes and she put her own dress(nightgown) on!
This Sunday Morning she let us put her arms into her tights, and Loved it!
Who couldn't laugh at this face!
Tooth brushing hobo?
Monica posted this pic awhile ago but I thought I would get it on my own blog. Again she dressed herself!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

SO the last few week Justin and I have been really busy trying to get our ugly little brown house looking better...So here are a couple of pictures...one before and a couple of not so finished products! We went through so many paint colors finally Justin said we are not going to buy anymore samples the next color we get will be in the five gallons! Yikes so we went back to H.D. and the guy talked us into one more sample so we wouldn't ruin a 5 gallon bucket of $100 paint! We got home painted it on and loved it...back to H.D. we go and this was what we got!

Now we have the rest of the house to do at least the front is almost done...these pictures were taken before Justin finished most of the trim! Like I said we have been busy!
P.S. I didn't put the before picture up I gotta find it...maybe later!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Trouble!

So today was going well...I had my day care kiddo's come and they were playing with my kids just fine, I was sorting the MOUNTIAN of laundry-that has accumulated for a couple of weeks-and getting the dishes done. A very productive morning! Well about 10:00a.m. I got a call from a friend that had something for me and she was going to drop it off, sure no problem. I like this person we always have a great visit. At about 10:30 said friend showed up and dropped off my bag of stuff, while we were talking Emie decided to climb onto the back of the couch and get a toy full of water and drink it, I of course got her down and told her "NO"! And if you know Emie this doesn't mean anything! Anyway I walked my friend out to the car and talked a little longer when I came back in Emie and my D.C. kid PJ both decided to play in the water and flood my counter tops! AAAHHH! both of them were in trouble time out for both of you!!!!! Here is Emie in time out she is so cute and very good while she is in there!

Earlier I went to write a check to give to again said friend, and found this

YEP, a check written out to Michelle by Michelle in the amount of $10...for babysitting, with even an attempt at forging my signature! What? I don't think so! Does she really think she will be getting paid to babysit when she is old enough for Justin and I to take off whenever we want to! UMMM the answer is NO, she will be our sitting slave.

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My Family

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