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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

SO the last few week Justin and I have been really busy trying to get our ugly little brown house looking better...So here are a couple of pictures...one before and a couple of not so finished products! We went through so many paint colors finally Justin said we are not going to buy anymore samples the next color we get will be in the five gallons! Yikes so we went back to H.D. and the guy talked us into one more sample so we wouldn't ruin a 5 gallon bucket of $100 paint! We got home painted it on and loved it...back to H.D. we go and this was what we got!

Now we have the rest of the house to do at least the front is almost done...these pictures were taken before Justin finished most of the trim! Like I said we have been busy!
P.S. I didn't put the before picture up I gotta find it...maybe later!

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