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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Harry Halloween

So I just realized that I never posted about this years Halloween. Normally I probably wouldn't care or I wouldn't worry about a post cause it is MONTHS late, But I made the kids their costumes this year and I did a GREAT job on them and the kids loved it this year (last year) whatever!

So I asked the kiddos what they wanted to be for Halloween and they all picked Harry Potter characters. Michelle wanted to be Hermonie, Eli Ron, and Parker Harry! I was like Ok you can't change you minds, this is what you are gonna be. I didn't want to start buying accessories for the costumes and have them decide to be something else! Then I turned to Emie and asked her, she didn't have the same "no changing your mind" rule cause well she is only 3! Well hers was the quickest response! "KEVIN"! I knew exactly what she was talking about! Kevin the bird from the Disney movie UP. What I didn't know is how in the world I was going to make a Kevin bird! I searched the Internet and NOTHING pre-made was there I guess Disney didn't think that any little kid would want to be Kevin for Halloween!
So after weeks of work and lots of imagination! I made these costumes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

Well Eli had his pinewood derby this Saturday! What a fun day, Eli did great, his car on the other hand didn't:( Eli was a great sport when his car didn't preform up to what he wanted. I kept telling people if our ward had a "flat tire award" Eli would have won it! But it was a fun day and Eli had a good time anyway!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2010

Yep here is another "lost" memory of 2010! Last year at some point Eli had his 1st pinewood derby with the boy scouts! He was so excited and worked so hard on his car! here are a few pictures of the event!

He took 3rd! He was very excited and I was too. Justin actually had Eli do all the work (aside from the table saw stuff). I think that is why it has survived until this day!

Do you see how dirty she is! the whole church and most of all the kids looked like this! I didn't remember my brothers being this dirty do you?
BTW This coming weekend is this years (2011) pinewood derby so if you see 2 in a row...that's my bad!

Monday, January 17, 2011

FOUR! Girls day out!

Ok do you understand the FOUR? It means "watch out" in golf! Here is what to watch out for...Last MAY a few of my college roommates decided it was a great time for a reunion. Well actually EAC was having a choir reunion and since all the roommates were in choir we decided to go. Becky drove down from Bagdad, AZ to meet us, Kandice drove from the west valley to drive us all over to Thatcher. They got me and drove to Globe where we picked up Jeannette and Amy. From there we headed over to pick up Monica at my parents house then reunion where Jodi caught up with us and we headed over to eat lunch! It was catered by one of the yummy mexican food resturants from the Gila Valley...the food wasn't really yummy that day, I think it is because mexican food is best served fresh. After the luncheon the choir preformed. We couldn't handle it the program is so different from when we were there that we decided to leave at the intermission. We went over to my parents house again where we readied ourselves to go visit the new Gila Valley Temple. It was such a wonderful experience. I hope we can do it again soon!

Playin Catch! Mine and Justin's 13th Wedding Anniversary!

So Last March Justin and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! What a long time! At one point in the day I decided that we needed to embrace our "time" in that part of our lives and I decided we needed to take the kids with us out that night! I am not sure Justin really appreciated the decision but we did it! We went over to Red Robin and had a fun little night! Here are a few pictures that we got while out on the town.

You can now see why we don't take the kids out very often...maybe we should though so they know how to act while out with mom and dad and when they are out without is too!

Playin Catch up! Happy 6th Birthday Parker!

Well almost a year ago Parker turned 6! He had a great day. Mom took him out of school just for a bit and we went to the Lego store and he made 3 original lego men! Parker took a couple minute activity and turned it into a hour long ordeal! He loved it and I loved watching him figure out EXACTLY what he wanted for his lego men! Then he expressed an interest in having more, so I found a box of lego men and bought it to wrap it up for later! He also got a pair of roller blades that he still just loves and is still just a bit shaky on them! We had a great day with Parker and I am sure Parker just loved his 6th birthday!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did I Mention...

Did I mention while Justin and I were in Seattle I made a day trip to Forks, Washington!

I know I am a dork but I had a lot of time to fill so why not! The trip was gorgeous! The town was cute and a little different I didn't have to much time after the 3 hour drive up there but it was a fun short little trip! Here are a few pictures I took! Ok more than a few but it was so pretty!
So there was Forks haha!
Here is the Drive up there! I couldn't help myself from stopping every corner brought something so beautiful!
This is a picture of the bridge to the fairies! SO fun!

Trip to Seattle

This last November Justin had to go on a "training trip" to Seattle for work...I was like "Luuckkyy" Well one thing led to another I Justin called me one day from work and told me he got me a ticket too!

Justin's mom came and Heaven's Bless her she watched our kids for a whole week!
Justin was in training all day everyday so I got to entertain myself by sightseeing all over Seattle! Here are my pictures!
View from our room at the Westin!
View from the Space Needle!
While I was touring the Space Needle I noticed a sign for a Harry Potter exhibition at a museum near by so I went on over there and did that too! The kids would have loved to go but alas it was only me! We weren't allowed to take pictures of the exhibit but this is the museum where is was!
I also go to go the the Pike Street Market! That was fun!
I also stopped in at a glass blowing shop! That is a crazy thing to me, it was fascinating!
I also road the Fairies! That was sooo fun I loved it!
View from the fairy!
I had such a great time and Justin said he was so happy that I was able to come with him and he wouldn't have and any kind of fun, but since I was there is was great!

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My Family

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