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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The End to a Great Day!

Well Emie's First birthday was a success! She doesn't even know but it is fun anyway. She went to the Dr. and got 3 shots and cried like we severed her arm. While she was crying I discovered she is getting 3 new teeth, yea! After we were done there we got Parker from school and went home for lunch. When Parker was ready to take a nap I said "let's go"

and then Parker started "Me want to stay home"

"But we need to get Emie's pictures taken" I said,

"Alright" in a huffy voice.

We then arrived at Target where we are getting the pictures taken and I decided to Top Emie off so she would be happy for the pictures well we were sitting there and all of a sudden I felt a very strange warm feeling! She BIT! me "OUCH!"

Are you kidding me its a good thing you are 1 now! Of course I probably will keep nursing because she will make me! Yes, I am a wimp if she cries I will feed her. Anyway the pictures were great and she was cute, off course. When we were done there we went to get the kids at school and came home got the house ready ate dinner and then had Emie's party! This is when this picture happened! She loved the chocolate on chocolate cake and you can tell! Sorry this post is longer than I even expected it to be enjoy the pictures!

This is when she first got it and just trying it out!
This is after she discovered she liked it and wanted more!
This is Emie rubbing the cake in her hair! Why is it that they only
rub their hair when they are dirty!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy First Birthday Emie!

This pic was taken even before she woke up this morning!

Well today is my baby's first birthday! She is so cute and stubborn, that is why I don't have a better pic than this! I will put another one on later ( I hope). She has a full day ahead of her. I, as the terrible mother I am, scheduled a Dr. apt for her. So she gets her shots today. Then we will be getting her some 1st birthday pictures taken. Great way to schedule things Megan, but oh well it already has been done! Later I hope to have cake and a present.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If It Aint' Broke Don't Fix It!

Ok I am not here to whine or complain about life. But man it would be nice to get a brake here or there. Justin has been suffering from something I like to call "Lazy stomach" for like 5 years now and the Drs. say there is nothing wrong we can't find anything wrong with you so every night he has his reflux and suffers through it. Well in November he was weight lifting at work and his shoulder gave out and now that has been bothering him so he finally he went to a dr. and they said he will need surgery to get it all fixed. So today Justin went to an orthorpedic surgen with his MRI results and guess what the dr. told him. This is an injury I have never seen before I don't think we can fix it! AAAAAHHHHHH! Are you kidding me? You can't do anything? Well we could do a surgery but I probably won't fix the problem. Now what? Get a second opinion and lets see what they say. But honestly I would be the dr. any of the other dr.s would send you to if they didn't know what to do! SO alas! We are back at square one and a little bit put out and I just had to get it out ! Thanks for listening! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OOPS! I Forgot!

Well it has been too long for this post! I kept forgetting to put this on and I don't want to forget any longer! Michelle has started piano lessons. Her teacher (as seen) is Molly and she is in our ward. The cool thing is that Molly comes to our house to teach her so I don't really have to do anything! Michelle is very excited and wants to know how to do everything right now. I just keep telling her that she has to practice every day and she will do great! She also gets to take lessons every other week so we can decide if she really likes it before we start her on a weekly basis. Well she has done three lessons now and Molly says she is doing great and will perform "Yankee Doodle Dandy" in the recital comming up! Good luck Michelle!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

this one's for Ko"i"

Hey Koi you loved stuck Emie so much I thought you would like to see how frantic she got when she realized she was not comming out as easliy as she went in!! It is still funny though. I am sure glad I got it all on video because with my memory I won't remember this next year!!!

Maybe I will try another Video post later!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stuck Baby!!!

Ok I am a bad mommy?! I was talking to my sister on the phone today, while we were talking I let Emie crawl around, sounds ok so far right? Well keep reading...
While Monica and I were talking about Primary Sharing time ideas (still sounds alright)
Emie managed to get herself in a sticky situation. Some how she got herself stuck in between the bottom rungs of one of the kitchen chairs.

She was alright at first, So I told Monica I had to go figure out how to get her unstuck. I recuted Eli to help at first. He did a good job at following directions but just wasn't old enough to really help! (Just so you all know Justin took Michelle to stake baptisms to see his home teaching family baptize thier first kid). So now what do I do? I called my firend Jamie and said can you come over RIGHT NOW! While waiting for Jamie I took a few more pictures! Of Course! When she arrived she suggested butter or I then said Crisco, so we lathered crisco on her head and body to help pry the chair off, well Emie wasn't having any of that so we went to the drastic measures a hand saw! AHH! Jamie kept Emie happy while I sawed through the chair! A few minutes later Michelle and Justin came home and Justin broke the rest of the rung and yea she was free!! Free but slippery! She is our first child who has done anything like this. I guess it had to happen sooner than later! Thanks again Jamie for all your help! So now you know why I am a bad mommy:(

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