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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dress Up Time!

Of course you all know how funny we think Emie is and sometimes I like to share those experiences with you! Well Yesterday Emie came out with these two outfits on they CRACKED ME UP so here I am sharing another funny Emie moment!


Christmas 2009!

Christmas came and went before I knew it! We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We had the kids really work on their behavior and chores before the big day just to teach them that good behavior is a direct result of how many presents they get from Santa! They did well but on Christmas Eve they really kicked it into high gear! Anyway, on Christmas morning I almost forgot all about the camera so I got only a few pictures of the chaos! We had such a great day after presents I made breakfast which was an interesting combination of potatoes, eggs and bacon! We had practically nothing else! So after breakfast we headed out to Safford for a few days. My brother Danny and his wife Gwen were here from Utah so we needed to see them before they were gone again! We spent a lot of time playing games and watching movies. We played with Danny's and Gwen's dog Mic (he is so cute and the kids loved him). We went up to the mountains one day and went tubing, we had a blast! I took my camera to Safford and didn't take one picture so I don't have any pictures of our fun in the snow! Emie loved it though!

New Years was so much fun too! Thanks to Kenny and "Mitch" they invited us over to play wii and games and stuff! The kids played and we played and wanted to go to sleep at about 10:30 but had a great time!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle!

Yea I know Michelle turned 10 a LLOOONNG time ago. Well this is the first time I have had a chance to update this blog! So here are a few pictures of her birthday party! We had a small party with just our family. Ate the dinner she asked for (taco's) and then had cake and ice cream! She had been begging for some heeley's and I could never justify buying her these shoes that cost soo much and will only fit for a year maybe a year and a half, but I came across a pair at a yard sale (practically BRAND NEW) so I bought them and she loves them. She had a good day that day but she always does when she gets to be the center of attention!

Michelle also participated in Cheer leading this year! She needs to find her "lot" in life. We have tried piano and nothing and we have tried dance and that didn't work out so this year is cheer! She has a friend in the class to which makes this way easier. She started out really liking cheer and then came time for the competition, well this is when she informed us she didn't want to do it anymore, turns out she had a serious case of stage fright! She did very well and they took 3rd in their class! We have talked her into another semester of cheer (to justify purchasing her very expensive cheer uniform) and can't wait to see how good she gets. Congrats to Michelle for her hard work!

She had a rewards night last Monday and received a new pom for all her hard work. Apparently cheer is like karate in a way...every level they go up they receive a new pom of a new color! News to me!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So I Gave a Talk Today!

So last night at about 9:30 we got a phone call informing me that Parker had a talk and it was kind-of important because it was ward conference so we needed to make sure he did something besides just giving his testimony! After asking what the topic was I went to work writing the talk. I found what I needed and found the right picture and put it all together. This morning when we were sitting waiting for church to start Parker and I practiced it through. He did a great job repeating every word I said he had some trouble with a couple but he always does so..no biggy right? Anyway after SM (that stands for Sacrament Meeting), we all went in to hear this awesome talk that Parker was going to give. They did all the stuff leading up to the talk finally it was time...I walked up to help Parker out!

We started out just fine he repeated almost all the words I told him to say then all of a sudden he turns to me to say "I have to go Potty!!" well if you know Parker when he has to go you need to take him now or you will be sorry! I said "let's try to finish the talk first" by the end of the next sentence I decided I would rather him go potty then wet his pants. So I told him to go ahead and go to the bathroom! I then finished up his talk.

So today I gave a talk in Primary! It has been a while and I of course cried like the baby I am! You can never expect to know what will happen next with Parker I guess that is why we keep him around!

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