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Saturday, June 28, 2008

So I Want to Run Away!

That is all I wanted to say!

Friday, June 27, 2008

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3 Joys

1**My First joy is my Husband, Justin, I met him 12 or so years ago. We were married 1 or so years later and now have been married for 11 or so years! WOW! I love him he is great and loves me back. I am glad he is always there for me even though I drive him crazy!

2**My kids are another great joy, yep all four of them. I love each and every one of their personalities and their quarks. They make me smile on a daily basis and also make me crazy but what are kids supposed to do! I love them and hope they know how much I do love them!

3**My Family is another great joy, I love spending time with them and playing games and making each other laugh until we cry or shake. They mean so much to me no matter how much I would love to move to a cooler climate I would defiantly miss them so much!

3 Fears

1**My fears are pretty simple, I hate heights. Now I don’t mind climbing up to the height it is the coming down part. It gives me heart palpitations when I watch shows about when tall building are being built I can’t handle it AHH!

2**I get nervous when I drive by the High schools here in Mesa. The Jr. College I went to isn’t as big as some of the high schools here. Now it probably wouldn’t matter as bad but I know my kids have to go there someday and that makes me very nervous for them!

3**I am so scared of getting into traffic accidents. I think about it daily and I actually start picturing it and it is bad yep that is scary!

3 Goals

1**Figure something out that I would like to do when I grow up!

2**Get my kids out of the house!

3**Get through this calling without dieing!

3 current obsessions/collections

1** Well we all know that Megan is a hoarder. I love to buy supplies for scrapbooking but I never use them so I hoard them I guess that can also be a collection!

2**Another would be crap. I have a ton of it and no matter how hard I try the crap never gets smaller it always gets to be bigger and bigger. Now I hope you all know I am talking about piles of paper and useless things in my house.

3**Justin would say I have an obsession for buying DVD’s. Now I don’t think I do, but for him I will say I like to have DVD’s to watch, so I buy them!

3 random surprising facts

1**I like to have a clean house. Yep me! I never do but it is a surprising fact that I like to be clean and I try to teach my kids that hopefully it will catch on one day!

2**I leave the worlds worst answering machine messages. Ask anyone who’s gotten a message from me!

3 **Just yesterday I got 409 lines playing Tetras. Yep I love that game it is the only video game I know how to play and I love it!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hall of Flame!

So today we went to the Phoenix Hall of Flame Museum! It was fun they had a ton of fire trucks and wagons and all sorts of memorabilia, they had a section in there to honor all the fire men who have died since, well a long time ago, they had a special display for the hero's who gave there lives in the 9/11 attacks. I got choked up in that section because it is amazing the unselfishness of these brave men! We took the kids today because Channel 8 was sponsoring the day with water activities and a chance to meet Curious George! My kids (even Michelle) love Curious George. So we got there and I realized I forgot my cameras so I was reduce to use my phone to take the pictures of the kids. This first one is the kids with Curious George, Emie wasn't so happy to see him, she is getting to the stage of not liking characters in costumes! The other 2 pictures are of Eli and Parker getting to try out using a fire hose. They were spraying at a building that had holes in it they had to try to get the water in the holes. Michelle opted out of the water fun because she didn't want to get wet, I know I don't understand her either, it was like 104 degrees outside:(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It Took 5

Well it took 5 years major saving on Justin's Part, and major patience on Megan's part and we finally did it! We upgraded our cute LITTLE Chevy Venture to a rather

LARGE Chevy Uplander!

It is a 2008 with like 11,000 miles on it and it is huge compared to the Venture! I didn't realize how spoiled kids were these days until they gave us the wireless headphone and remote for the DVD player! But what makes it awesome is the trunk space. We've never seen so much space I almost don't know what to do. There are also 2 sliding doors, something I thought I would never get. We... ok I will miss the little Venture we had, and I should it was a great little car when we really needed it to be! So now on to new and bigger things hopefully this car will last us until Emie graduates High School. That is our goal wish us luck!!!

Swim Lessons

Well after last year when Parker "drowned and Died in Koe's pool"as Parker likes to say anyway, I decided that it would be a great idea to put our children into swim lessons this year! Every day when we leave to go, Parker asks where his life jacket is and I have to tell him it is swim lessons you don't wear it there. The kids are doing great, today is the last day of the first week, and they have already learned tons. I get to be in the baby pool with Emie which is so fun, her facial expressions are hilarious! So I needed pictures of the other kids so I left the pool with Emie early so I could get these guys in some pictures before it was to late! We do the swim lessons at Brimhall pool through the Mesa parks and recreation program! I really recommend getting lessons for kids! We made a huge mistake and Parker paid! Ok off the soap box! Here are the pictures!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Calling =

So on Wednesday night I got a phone call...the caller I.D. said Church of Jesus... so my first thought was to not answer it, my second thought was no go ahead, you think I would know better! The executive secretary asked if Justin and I could come in on Thursday night to meet with the bishop! I of course told him yes, we will be there. I then went right over to Justin and said "what did you say in your temple recommend interview?" So all day on Thursday I was wondering what could it be for Justin? what could it be for me? Well Thursday night we went into the office and Bishop extended the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society presidency to me! My first thought was......AHHH! I have never taught anyone over the age 11 and now I am in the Relief Society, I also thought I have to sit at the front of the room all during the meeting, the other thought I had was............... YEAA! I don't have to do scouts anymore!!! Now don't get me wrong I loved doing scouts, the boys were fun and I loved serving with Melissa but the whole scouting thing was annoying! Well now that I don't get to do scouts anymore I have to do enrichment night and all the stuff that goes along with that!! YIKES! Well I am excited and can't wait to get on with it! Wish me luck! So0000.......

A new calling + lots of meetings = no more blogging (well maybe every once in a while)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Previously On We Love Us...

Well I guess it is time to continue my post on our family trip to Utah!

Last I left off after the wedding and taking pictures at the temple!

After the temple the Crockett side of the wedding had an awesome luncheon at Gwen's parents church building just up the street from the temple actually. It was very nice and the food was great. When the lunch was done we had several hours to kill until we had to be at the reception to take more pictures so Kenny and his family, Monica and her family, and Justin and I decided to go back to temple square and tour the Conference Center! It is such an amazing building! Beautiful and just massive. We loved the tour...the kids how ever had a smaller attention span!!! The tour did last a little long so by the time we were all done it was time to go back to the reception area and get all 17 of us ready for "Cute Pictures" with Grandma and Grandpa and Danny and Gwen. That was a feat if I ever saw one! The kids all turned out very cute and handsome and the parents... well lets just say we all tried our hardest! Just Kidding we all looked great!

The reception was so nice and relaxing (for us) the kids played and ate and made us laugh and got hurt and cried and made us mad all in a 3 hour period you have to love the kids.

So off Danny and Gwen went to their "Honeymoon"!

On Wednesday Morning we all decided to meet at cabala's Jeff's favorite place to go and then all travel together to go eat and other such stuff! It was fun, we went to this great restaurant called Tucano's ! All the Utah people know this place so they understand how good it is. I could have eaten a whole cow in one sitting, the beef was phenomenal!

After eating we toured Provo and saw a few dinosaurs and animals...NO not my dad and no not the kids we went to several museums in Provo at BYU they were great and the kids loved them. When the kids did get tired of the museums we went to the Creamery on 9th that was great (the pics of that are on my sisters blog just click on Jeff and Monica on the friends and family list) that was good food and entertainment! After that we were calling it a night and Monica wanted to go swimming and "Mitch's" bro-in-law works at an apartment complex so he let us go swimming there! That was fun!

The next day(Thursday to keep everything straight) was fun to. Kenny, "Mitch", Justin and I decided to go up Provo Canyon and let the kids play and us sit and chat and maybe go on a hike. We did all that and it was fun. The kids never run out of energy...WHY? After we went up the mountain we decided that we needed to go visit Justin's Grandmother "Grannie". She was sweet and fun to go and see. She even remembered Emie! She also remembered the Justin went with Cyndi. We all thought that that was great considering she suffers from dementia Ruthanne and Joel live with her now and take such good care of her and I was just in awe of what they do!

On Friday Justin and I wanted to take our kids back to temple square in Salt Lake City. We wanted to show them the visitors centers and the museums there. That was a fun trip just me and my little family. We actually felt the spirit every once in a while. I hope that someday our kids will be taking their kids up there and hoping for the opportunity to share the spirit with them! The really interesting thing to us was while at the south visitors center we ran into a sister missionary and while talking with her I looked down at her tag and it read...Sister Platt and her flag was from England. I was so excited I said Hey we are Platt's to and our family came from England! We decided that we have to be related somehow and we hopefully will be able to figure it out some day!! She was really sweet and let Michelle try on her badge for a picture! We also went to the CTR exhibit at the church history museum that was great and the kids loved it too!

Saturday was come home day and the trip took FOREVER!!!

That was our family vacation and it was fun and exciting and we are very happy to be home and thankful that Aunt Bev and Uncle Eric let us stay at their home and that Danny and Gwen got married so we had an excuse to go up there!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

This is for Monica!

I Interrupet this Message...

I interrupt this message to bring you breaking news!
We finally got the "new to us" air conditioner YEA!
We woke up on Wednesday morning and before
9:00a.m. we had the new 3 1/2 ton unit on our roof!
It is lucky that we got it in before the weather turned to
ugly. Last year right at the end of the year our air
conditioner just stopped working, so now that the warm
weather is back I am glad to be prepared for this season.
We already reached 110 degrees here on May 19th so yikes!
SO here are some pics of our Wednesday morn!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a Week!

Well we had quite a week. It started out on Friday night leaving to go over to my niece's baptism, on Saturday, she was so cute and excited. She had the most awesome talks by her "Old" Grandma and her dad's mom Grandma Armold. She was cute. After the baptism and luncheon we headed home to get ready to head up to Utah for my brother Danny's wedding!

Danny Married Gwen, a very nice and cute girl. I really hope we can get to know her through the years. Well the week isn't done yet...

We had the privilege of staying with Aunt Bev and Uncle Eric. Well On Monday they had a Memorial day picnic at the house We got to see a lot of the Gillespie Family. It was fun to visit with all of them and to catch up with them. Grannie was there and it was nice to see her. We went to visit her on Thursday too I will show the pic of that later on...

Also on Monday we met Danny, Gwen, Grandma and Grandpa Crockett and Good Ol' Uncle Mike at Chuck E Cheese. We ate dinner and played games all before the big day on Tuesday. It was a fun night not much of a bachelor party for Danny though!!

Why should all the kids have fun?

Tuesday was the BIG day! We were lucky because Danny and Gwen got married in the Salt Lake Temple. If there was ever a urge to wander in a temple Justin and I decided that this would be the best time to do it. It was so beautiful and just calming. Danny's mission Pres. got to officiate the sealing So we got to meet Elder Richard G. Hinckly. That was pretty exciting! He talked about his dad (Pres. Gordon B. Hinckly), and was an awesome person to get to do that for Danny and Gwen.

They are so cute together!

Anyway We got some great pics at the temple too, to many to put all of them on the blog soo I thought I would take one of my family, the six of us, and one of the coolest pictures that I got and put it on...

Left to Right: Emie, Megan, Michelle, Justin,
Parker, and Eli!

I like this picture! The kids really wanted a picture of the rainbow! I wasn't sure if I even got it until I looked at it on the computer!

Ok We had a full day on Tuesday so I am going to go for now and spread the week out for all of you! Plus it will give me more posts so you ya'll won't get board before the week is over! So

To Be Continued...

Stay Tuned...

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My Family

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