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Friday, June 27, 2008

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3 Joys

1**My First joy is my Husband, Justin, I met him 12 or so years ago. We were married 1 or so years later and now have been married for 11 or so years! WOW! I love him he is great and loves me back. I am glad he is always there for me even though I drive him crazy!

2**My kids are another great joy, yep all four of them. I love each and every one of their personalities and their quarks. They make me smile on a daily basis and also make me crazy but what are kids supposed to do! I love them and hope they know how much I do love them!

3**My Family is another great joy, I love spending time with them and playing games and making each other laugh until we cry or shake. They mean so much to me no matter how much I would love to move to a cooler climate I would defiantly miss them so much!

3 Fears

1**My fears are pretty simple, I hate heights. Now I don’t mind climbing up to the height it is the coming down part. It gives me heart palpitations when I watch shows about when tall building are being built I can’t handle it AHH!

2**I get nervous when I drive by the High schools here in Mesa. The Jr. College I went to isn’t as big as some of the high schools here. Now it probably wouldn’t matter as bad but I know my kids have to go there someday and that makes me very nervous for them!

3**I am so scared of getting into traffic accidents. I think about it daily and I actually start picturing it and it is bad yep that is scary!

3 Goals

1**Figure something out that I would like to do when I grow up!

2**Get my kids out of the house!

3**Get through this calling without dieing!

3 current obsessions/collections

1** Well we all know that Megan is a hoarder. I love to buy supplies for scrapbooking but I never use them so I hoard them I guess that can also be a collection!

2**Another would be crap. I have a ton of it and no matter how hard I try the crap never gets smaller it always gets to be bigger and bigger. Now I hope you all know I am talking about piles of paper and useless things in my house.

3**Justin would say I have an obsession for buying DVD’s. Now I don’t think I do, but for him I will say I like to have DVD’s to watch, so I buy them!

3 random surprising facts

1**I like to have a clean house. Yep me! I never do but it is a surprising fact that I like to be clean and I try to teach my kids that hopefully it will catch on one day!

2**I leave the worlds worst answering machine messages. Ask anyone who’s gotten a message from me!

3 **Just yesterday I got 409 lines playing Tetras. Yep I love that game it is the only video game I know how to play and I love it!

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

I bet that was an interesting post...Too bad I coudn't read it through your textured paper background.! Come on! AAGGHHHH!

mahonica (you ugly) said...

Wgar a cutew post...I never knew you liked crap!

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My Family

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