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Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Pictures 2011

So my kids as most all kids do had school pictures at the beginning of this school year.  Most years I have asked my kids oh so nicely to smile nice and pretty and make sure their hair looks nice! This year was just like years past," please if you have recess before pictures comb your hair before your picture", "please smile your nicest smile, let me see!".  So years have gone by that maybe one of the pictures have hung on the wall that maybe wasn't their best in show! But this year I got a awesome surprise! These are the pictures of  my kiddos.
I am going to write something about each kiddo I think I did this in a previous post but it seems approiate to do it again so I am! You don't have to read it again!

 Parker my second grader and my "handful". I love him and am so thankful for him. At the same time he drives me crazy he has major mood swings and he can be a total booger.  But when he wants to be a sweetheart and a big helper you can always count on him. He is mostly always the first kid to offer when another kid doesn't have something, he is so kind and generous! Parker has so many "fans" there are so many people in our ward who just love Parker. They love his honest opinions and they love that he doesn't hold back. I get worried that at some point I am raising that one guy that everyone can't stand because he doesn't have a filter :) But we love Parker and who couldn't look at him he is such a handsome boy.

 Here is my Eli! I call him "my Eli" because he is the one who is the easy one. He gets along with everyone and rarely fights with anyone. He is the one who sometimes gets "lost" in the ruckus of the house he is off doing something just him and he loves to be alone. Just the other day he was saying how he just needed time alone. He loves to play video games, maybe a little too much but at the same time he joins games of football or basketball to play.  He loves to swim and play with friends.

Here is Michelle, my first baby! She is getting so grown up she is turning 12 this year and is starting Young Women's. She is also a sweet heart, but with a twist! She can turn like a top that is for sure but what else do I do? Look how grown up she is I can't believe it the time has gone by so fast. Michelle loves to hang out with her friends and to watch movies and ride her bike. She is active and loves the church and playing the violin. She has started to pay attention to things that girls like, like she spends lots of time on her hair and she takes a lot of time picking out the exact right clothes and she spends a lot of time in the shower too! She is also a big help (when she wants to be) and she can't wait to start babysitting (for money) and she can't wait to be older! I just love this picture it just shows just how grown up she is and she is beautiful!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Fun 2011

 First stop Provo!

This summer was spent traveling.  We had lots of fun and lots of adventures. In June we traveled to Provo to see Justin's cousin Tracy get married. She was beautiful and everything was gorgeous! We hadn't met her husband and he was fun and cute. They were so excited and it didn't look like they were nervous at all! The reception was in Tracy's backyard. Everything was so pretty, I think I will need to hire Tracy and Lindsay to make Michelle and Emie's receptions just as beautiful. I loved Tracy's dress she was so pretty!

Cute first kiss! We got lots of pictures here but I thought this one was great! We had a great time spending time with Justin's family. I always love going up there not only to leave AZ but also to see his family they are great and we really love them :)

The only crazy thing about Tracy's wedding was one of her friends hair! Can we all say Ariel together. Sorry if this offends! I couldn't take it anymore I finally just had to take this picture, so I could show this to everyone!

While we were in UT for the wedding we also made plans to see Danny. However, Logan was just a tad to far to drive so we met in SLC. The kids LOVE to walk around temple square and look at everything so that is where we met. We actually met up on the hill by the state building? we walked A LOT that day. The kids had fun and Danny got out of being bored in Logan whilst Gwen was at a race!

 SLC temple.
 We waited for a LONG time just so I could get this picture of the fountain. I am not even a fan of the pic but I figured with how long we waited I should post the picture. While we waited we visited and just took in the peace of the Temple.
Here the kids are I don't ever think I actually knew where this "pool" thing was until this trip to UT. You learn something new every day or every year as is my experience :() By the time we were done at the temple we were hungry so we headed down the street and ate at a burger place. I can't remember what it is called but it was good and I am sure Justin would like to go back someday!

The next day we had to head back home. It was so sad to leave and the weather was beautiful! I hated to leave I want to live there sooo bad!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Eli!

We spent Eli's birthday in St. Johns this year...pretty much like every other year. We have a family reunion in SJ with the Arkansas Platt's (and WA Platt's too) they are the family we all love to spend time with! So this year they were in AZ so we headed north! He had a great birthday banking about $50 and getting a few awesome presents. Cyndi had this AWESOME idea for a cake and we went to work. Eli LOVES hamburgers. He loves lots of food.  I always tell people that he is built like the Crockett's not the Platt's! Anyway, here are a few pictures of the party and presents! He had a great day thanks to everyone who was there to celebrate! It was a big milestone the big ol' 10

So Eli is my sweet boy, he always has been. I hope he never changes. He is such an easy going guy and he so so understanding! He also can be somewhat of a goober but we still love him.  He has such a great personality and is always happy. It is an off day when I get attitude from him! It does happen but not often. What a great kid happy birthday Eli I love you!

PS Eli had 3 teeth pulled right before our trip and he has such a goofy smile!

Did I Ever Mention???

Sooo did I ever mention that the kids went back to school? They headed back oh just about 9 weeks ago. I am not behind be nice :) Anyway Michelle is now in 6th grade. She is so excited that this is her last year in elementary school and she is doing a great job so far.  Eli is in 5th grade and joined orchestra this year. He is playing the cello and likes it so far.  Eli is liking his teacher and friends in class too! Parker is in 2nd grade and seems to be doing a good job. He always seems to have a few problems but we are hopefully getting that stuff worked out! Emie even went to school. No she didn't start at Houston but she did start at her pre-school. She is loving it so much and can write her name already. She may not know what the letters are but she knows how to write Emie!

Aren't they cute and grown up? of course I think they are cute and everyone can't believe how big they are all getting! Michelle especially, she is about 2 inches shorter than her old mom and getting taller every week it seems.  Eli is being a funny man lately always crackin' jokes. Parker is my handful but I have started to tell everyone it is ok because Heavenly Father gave me extra love for him.  And Emie she is a cutie she also loves to make everyone laugh, probably unintentionally most of the time but she sure does make us laugh!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Obeying the Words of The Prophets

Ok so in the April General Conference we as parents were encouraged to have a picture of the temple in each room of the home. It gives our children something to look at everyday and have a goal to work for. So I asked my kids which temple they would most like for their own pictures in their rooms. Michelle chose the Salt Lake temple, Eli the Gila Valley temple, Parker the (and I quote here) " the Salt Lake Arizona temple" AKA the Mesa, AZ temple, and Emie chose the Mesa, AZ temple.
I was lucky I live in Mesa, so I was able to go take pictures of the temple with the help of Emie. I have pictures of the Salt Lake temple because I always take pictures when we are there visiting. And we were on our way to the Gila Valley area for my nieces baptism.

So I was able to get some pictures of that temple. So here is what the kiddos chose for their own special temple pictures!

They aren't the best pictures but I was able to give the kids something that I did instead of buying something at the store!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's been a while!

Well this years new year's resolution hasn't been working out great! I said I was going to blog more often about things going on well...my last post was from march! OOPS...so this is me trying to re resolute my blogging! Wish me luck I need to get my thought all put together and hopefully I will get something posted!

BTW my birthday is coming up..I am going to be 35! Ahhh

Friday, April 1, 2011

Parker Made It!

It is a miricle but Parker has made it to #7. I love Parker I love Parker I love Parker!

Parker has been looking forward to this day for a LONG time:) He practically figures out what he needs (or wants) a year in advance so living year to year is a LONG time for all parties involved! Anyway, This year all he wanted were Lego's, nothing but Lego's hey NO problem right I like Lego's they are a mom approved toy! So one day he was telling me that kids made fun of him because he rode on a pink bike. You might need to know that Megan is also a very.....let's just say.....Frugal person! Michelle had bikes after she grew out of them Eli rode them and after he was done Parker. Well Parker didn't like having to use a girls pink bike, DUH. Eli is so easy to please. So I decided, maybe 3 days before his big day that I would look for a bike at the city's garage sale, well they had nothing so for the first time Justin and I bought a BRAND NEW BIKE for our child!

Parker was so excited to open Lego set after Lego set from Monica and the kids, Grandma and Grandpa Platt,and Tony and Michele Lopez. Funny thing is that 3 out of the 4 sets were the exact same thing, so Parker is so excited to take those back and get more different Lego's.

He had a great day with Hamburgers for dinner and his BFF Tony at his party!

He also got this Dr. Suess book he loves them and is getting better at reading because of them!

This is Parker's reaction to the sight of his new awesome bike!

I think, I think ... he likes it!

Parker is a great handful of a kid, he makes me laugh and he also makes me CRAZY! He has a wonderful giving spirit and has a knack of saying whatever he thinks which makes him popular at church with some of the adults! He is smart and he is excited about playing whatever he thinks about, he plays so well with Lego's and has a great creative mind. He has been on a break from piano which mom isn't to happy about so we will take that fight head on sooner than later! I love Parker very much and here's to another year of gray hairs and stress induced eating :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Emie!

Sunday February 27th Emie turned the big 04! She was so cute and I was so excited to be able to be in primary again so I could be there when they sang the birthday song, but I was totally sick with goop and stuff so I made Justin go! He said she was really cute! We also had a little party planned with a few of the couples who fight over her in sacrament meeting. Well that was postponed, but just for a week! Monica was in town for the weekend so she hung around to watch Emie open her presents and have a little family party! Well on Saturday night we went over to Kohl's and I said I should get Emie a cute new birthday dress. This is the one we found, it is totally her personality and she LOVES it!

here she is showing 4 finger salute? so funny!

this is a new face but who's complaining?

Pre-present opening excitement!

Money from Grandma and Grandpa Crockett!

Blowing out the candles!

So yesterday the couples from church came over to sing and have cake and ice cream. So we were kind-of teasing Emie and asked her if she wanted us to sing Merry Christmas she was like "no sing Happy birthday Merry Christmas" so we were like ok and Sang the normal happy birthday song. She DID NOT like that! "sing happy birthday Merry Christmas" so this is what the song went like

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday tooo YYooouuuuu!
That was the first for all in attendance! They loved it and of course Emie did to! Emie loves to lead these people on for example...Sunday at church we walked in and Emie immediately saw the Porters and went up and gave Brother Porter a big hug, they were teased they thought she was gonna sit with them. Nope she said bye and went to sit by Michele and Tony Lopez she sat there up until we asked her to go see Beth Porter she was ok with that but was intercepted by a YW in our ward Tessa Smith! The Porters love Emie but she keeps playing with thier emotions I don't see that ending well:)

All in all Emie is a wonderful child we love her she makes us laugh ALL THE TIME! I am so grateful for her! I love you Emie!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Week!

Wow this has been a week from Crazy town! Last Thursday while playing at recess Parker broke his collar bone. Friday morning Michelle woke up sick. Friday afternoon Monica and her kiddos came to play while the "big" girls went to jewelry night. Saturday came around and by the end of the night both Eli and Megan were sick. Thanks Michelle! Well no rest for the weary is a true statement because I HAD to go to church on Sunday because I received a new calling! Back in the Primary as the 1st counselor. So to church I went while Justin stayed home with the kids. By the end of Sunday night Parker had come down with this nasty bug! He says "it's no fair I have a broken collar bone and I am sick" we agree. Monday morning Justin so kindly stayed home to take care of everything while I was in bed all day, nice of him! Emie woke up Monday with a really high fever, YAY! So by Monday night Justin was sick so lets take count...Michelle, Eli, Megan, Parker, Emie then Justin, YEP all 6 of us are sick and this EVIL, horrible, nasty, devil of a bug is setting up camp and making itself at home. We have done nothing but eat and sleep all week! Tomorrow is Thursday and I am pretty sure I am not sending any children to school just because it is now just too much work! Anyway I will post pictures of Parker in his sling when I find the camera they are on!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Justin

Justin had a birthday last week! He turned a certian...age...ah heck he is now 38! I guess you could have guessed that with the candles on the cake! He HATES to get his pictures taken so these are what we got! Happy birthday to Justin LOVE YA!

This picture is of Justin reading the AWESOME card I got for him! He thought it was sooo funny!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Harry Halloween

So I just realized that I never posted about this years Halloween. Normally I probably wouldn't care or I wouldn't worry about a post cause it is MONTHS late, But I made the kids their costumes this year and I did a GREAT job on them and the kids loved it this year (last year) whatever!

So I asked the kiddos what they wanted to be for Halloween and they all picked Harry Potter characters. Michelle wanted to be Hermonie, Eli Ron, and Parker Harry! I was like Ok you can't change you minds, this is what you are gonna be. I didn't want to start buying accessories for the costumes and have them decide to be something else! Then I turned to Emie and asked her, she didn't have the same "no changing your mind" rule cause well she is only 3! Well hers was the quickest response! "KEVIN"! I knew exactly what she was talking about! Kevin the bird from the Disney movie UP. What I didn't know is how in the world I was going to make a Kevin bird! I searched the Internet and NOTHING pre-made was there I guess Disney didn't think that any little kid would want to be Kevin for Halloween!
So after weeks of work and lots of imagination! I made these costumes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

Well Eli had his pinewood derby this Saturday! What a fun day, Eli did great, his car on the other hand didn't:( Eli was a great sport when his car didn't preform up to what he wanted. I kept telling people if our ward had a "flat tire award" Eli would have won it! But it was a fun day and Eli had a good time anyway!

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