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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Week!

Wow this has been a week from Crazy town! Last Thursday while playing at recess Parker broke his collar bone. Friday morning Michelle woke up sick. Friday afternoon Monica and her kiddos came to play while the "big" girls went to jewelry night. Saturday came around and by the end of the night both Eli and Megan were sick. Thanks Michelle! Well no rest for the weary is a true statement because I HAD to go to church on Sunday because I received a new calling! Back in the Primary as the 1st counselor. So to church I went while Justin stayed home with the kids. By the end of Sunday night Parker had come down with this nasty bug! He says "it's no fair I have a broken collar bone and I am sick" we agree. Monday morning Justin so kindly stayed home to take care of everything while I was in bed all day, nice of him! Emie woke up Monday with a really high fever, YAY! So by Monday night Justin was sick so lets take count...Michelle, Eli, Megan, Parker, Emie then Justin, YEP all 6 of us are sick and this EVIL, horrible, nasty, devil of a bug is setting up camp and making itself at home. We have done nothing but eat and sleep all week! Tomorrow is Thursday and I am pretty sure I am not sending any children to school just because it is now just too much work! Anyway I will post pictures of Parker in his sling when I find the camera they are on!

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Whitney said...

how sad for you guys! especially parker!

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