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Monday, December 29, 2008

SnOw Fun!

On Saturday Justin's Brother Jeremy called to invite us to go sleding in the snow that was dumped on the "high country". It was a so much fun. My kids are such whimps and well Emie just about slept the whole time we were there.
Parker started to cry about 2 minutes after he got out of the car (not kidding).

Then it was Eli crying because his hands were too cold, and yes, Michelle joined them in the crying game and was in the car at some point too. I decided that my kids would probably hate living in Utah! While one or two of the kids were playing I thought of taking some photos I slid down the little hill on a tub to get a few pictures of the kids comming down! I had fun! Justin had fun to we both like the snow I however just like to visit the snow! I don't know how I would do living in it all the time! Anyway... back to the subject of the snow fun, Emie finally woke up and we got her all layed up and took her down the hill a couple of times on the last run down she was pretty upset that her hands were so cold so Justin stuffed her arms inside his jacket. She really didn't like that but put up with it! At about 5:00 we all diecided that it was time to go get back to the valley...with a stop in Payson for dinner we headed home.

Christmas Memories!

Emie opening her present She stopped and I thought she was done Then I saw her just cleaning up after herself!
Good Baby!
Today Christmas is just a memory. The decorations are all put away and the kids are all "board" and I am 5 pounds heavier. Christmas was such a fun day this year. We got to sleep in till about 8:00 when I decided I wanted to take a shower before letting the kids open their gifts, so I showered then Justin did and after I showered I wanted to get the turkey dinner roasting before it was to late to get it cooking so I took a few minutes to clean and prepare our dinner so around 9:00 we let the kids come out and start opening their gifts. The first ones they opened were their clothes...you know underwear, and socks. They were getting a little disappointed when their next presents were opened their faces said it all...This is going to be great! And it was...Justin got a few things he needed and I got a few things I wanted it was a great day I am sure that the kids enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just for the Post of it!

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything, and I am getting tired of seeing the same thing over and over. There has been a ton of stuff going on but the blogger in me was on vacation because I didn't take a single picture of anything! My family came over for our Christmas exchange on Saturday and not a single photo to remember it by:( Then on Sunday we went to Jeremy's house and had our Christmas "program" and still no pictures. What is wrong with me? So hopefully I will get some charity from my family and get a few e-mails soon otherwise I will have no memories of these events. We all know if it isn't on paper/computer, Megan can't remember anything!

So everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Parker is so Funny!

I have never done this before. I always think it is cute on other peoples blogs but have never had a really funny thing to post. Well this morning Parker said the funniest thing so I thought I would tell you all about it!

After dropping the older kids off at school I was flipping through the channels and I stopped to watch some of the "Today Show" they were of course talking about Obama. (or should I say kissing his ass). But...anyway... Parker turned to me and said:

"I don't like Obama, I like Jesus better!"

I laughed and said "we all do Parker"

He does say some funny things but this one is by far one of the funniest!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday # 9

Michelle is 9 Today!
She came to us 9 years ago although it seems like 30...:)
She is a great girl, fun, loving, spiritual, accepting, helpful, crazy, smart, beautiful, and emotional!
We love her and hope she has a great birthday!
These are just some pictures of her through the years!
I always forget how cute they were back when they were just little!

My Family

My Family

Cute Idea!