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Friday, August 26, 2011

Obeying the Words of The Prophets

Ok so in the April General Conference we as parents were encouraged to have a picture of the temple in each room of the home. It gives our children something to look at everyday and have a goal to work for. So I asked my kids which temple they would most like for their own pictures in their rooms. Michelle chose the Salt Lake temple, Eli the Gila Valley temple, Parker the (and I quote here) " the Salt Lake Arizona temple" AKA the Mesa, AZ temple, and Emie chose the Mesa, AZ temple.
I was lucky I live in Mesa, so I was able to go take pictures of the temple with the help of Emie. I have pictures of the Salt Lake temple because I always take pictures when we are there visiting. And we were on our way to the Gila Valley area for my nieces baptism.

So I was able to get some pictures of that temple. So here is what the kiddos chose for their own special temple pictures!

They aren't the best pictures but I was able to give the kids something that I did instead of buying something at the store!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's been a while!

Well this years new year's resolution hasn't been working out great! I said I was going to blog more often about things going on well...my last post was from march! OOPS...so this is me trying to re resolute my blogging! Wish me luck I need to get my thought all put together and hopefully I will get something posted!

BTW my birthday is coming up..I am going to be 35! Ahhh

My Family

My Family

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