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Friday, August 26, 2011

Obeying the Words of The Prophets

Ok so in the April General Conference we as parents were encouraged to have a picture of the temple in each room of the home. It gives our children something to look at everyday and have a goal to work for. So I asked my kids which temple they would most like for their own pictures in their rooms. Michelle chose the Salt Lake temple, Eli the Gila Valley temple, Parker the (and I quote here) " the Salt Lake Arizona temple" AKA the Mesa, AZ temple, and Emie chose the Mesa, AZ temple.
I was lucky I live in Mesa, so I was able to go take pictures of the temple with the help of Emie. I have pictures of the Salt Lake temple because I always take pictures when we are there visiting. And we were on our way to the Gila Valley area for my nieces baptism.

So I was able to get some pictures of that temple. So here is what the kiddos chose for their own special temple pictures!

They aren't the best pictures but I was able to give the kids something that I did instead of buying something at the store!


Tyler and Emily said...

Are you kidding me? Those aren't the best pictures...I love the bottom one of the Mesa Temple with the flowers...that is so pretty.

Koi said...

What a great idea! Great pictures too. Wanna do a burlesque pregnancy photo shoot with me? You could add it to your portfolio??

My Family

My Family

Cute Idea!