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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Did I Ever Mention???

Sooo did I ever mention that the kids went back to school? They headed back oh just about 9 weeks ago. I am not behind be nice :) Anyway Michelle is now in 6th grade. She is so excited that this is her last year in elementary school and she is doing a great job so far.  Eli is in 5th grade and joined orchestra this year. He is playing the cello and likes it so far.  Eli is liking his teacher and friends in class too! Parker is in 2nd grade and seems to be doing a good job. He always seems to have a few problems but we are hopefully getting that stuff worked out! Emie even went to school. No she didn't start at Houston but she did start at her pre-school. She is loving it so much and can write her name already. She may not know what the letters are but she knows how to write Emie!

Aren't they cute and grown up? of course I think they are cute and everyone can't believe how big they are all getting! Michelle especially, she is about 2 inches shorter than her old mom and getting taller every week it seems.  Eli is being a funny man lately always crackin' jokes. Parker is my handful but I have started to tell everyone it is ok because Heavenly Father gave me extra love for him.  And Emie she is a cutie she also loves to make everyone laugh, probably unintentionally most of the time but she sure does make us laugh!


Melanie said...

Your kids are so cute. Don't feel bad. I haven't posted school picture either. Whoops. I keep forgetting.

Tyler and Emily said...

I love the hamburger cake. So cute! Your kids are cute too. :)

Kandice and Rob said...

They're so big! Michelle kinda looks like the mom in that last pic. They all look so grown up and still cute!

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