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Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Pictures 2011

So my kids as most all kids do had school pictures at the beginning of this school year.  Most years I have asked my kids oh so nicely to smile nice and pretty and make sure their hair looks nice! This year was just like years past," please if you have recess before pictures comb your hair before your picture", "please smile your nicest smile, let me see!".  So years have gone by that maybe one of the pictures have hung on the wall that maybe wasn't their best in show! But this year I got a awesome surprise! These are the pictures of  my kiddos.
I am going to write something about each kiddo I think I did this in a previous post but it seems approiate to do it again so I am! You don't have to read it again!

 Parker my second grader and my "handful". I love him and am so thankful for him. At the same time he drives me crazy he has major mood swings and he can be a total booger.  But when he wants to be a sweetheart and a big helper you can always count on him. He is mostly always the first kid to offer when another kid doesn't have something, he is so kind and generous! Parker has so many "fans" there are so many people in our ward who just love Parker. They love his honest opinions and they love that he doesn't hold back. I get worried that at some point I am raising that one guy that everyone can't stand because he doesn't have a filter :) But we love Parker and who couldn't look at him he is such a handsome boy.

 Here is my Eli! I call him "my Eli" because he is the one who is the easy one. He gets along with everyone and rarely fights with anyone. He is the one who sometimes gets "lost" in the ruckus of the house he is off doing something just him and he loves to be alone. Just the other day he was saying how he just needed time alone. He loves to play video games, maybe a little too much but at the same time he joins games of football or basketball to play.  He loves to swim and play with friends.

Here is Michelle, my first baby! She is getting so grown up she is turning 12 this year and is starting Young Women's. She is also a sweet heart, but with a twist! She can turn like a top that is for sure but what else do I do? Look how grown up she is I can't believe it the time has gone by so fast. Michelle loves to hang out with her friends and to watch movies and ride her bike. She is active and loves the church and playing the violin. She has started to pay attention to things that girls like, like she spends lots of time on her hair and she takes a lot of time picking out the exact right clothes and she spends a lot of time in the shower too! She is also a big help (when she wants to be) and she can't wait to start babysitting (for money) and she can't wait to be older! I just love this picture it just shows just how grown up she is and she is beautiful!

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