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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What happened??

So I left off on October 27th. So Halloween is where I will pick up!
This year the kids all wanted to be something easy for Halloween so I was very excited! Michelle wanted to be a surfer, her new favorite movie is "Soul Surfer". So all she needed to do was wear a swim suit, which is totally doable here in AZ. I even made her the coolest shark for her arm so she could actually be "soul surfer" but she didn't like it, thought it was LAME! whatever! Eli was the hardest guy to dress up, he wanted to be Roxas from the video game, Kingdom Hearts. WHAT? WHO? thank goodness for Google :) I made his robe thingy and that was all for him. Parker wanted to be Frankenstein so all I had to do for him was buy green paint, wahoo! Emie was many different things for all the times she had the opportunity to dress up! But we had all the costumes she wanted to be, thank goodness for hand-me-downs! Funnily enough Emie in a witch costume was the only picture that I got. So here is Halloween 2011 for ya'


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