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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

For Christmas I wanted to make sure we made Santa cookies. For some reason Christmas eve always goes by so fast that I don't get to do everything that needs to be done. So this year I made it a must do. After the kids all showered I had them help make sugar cookies to put out for Santa! They loved it and it was fun for us too! The kids loved making messes and I tried not to freak out!

Since Christmas was on Sunday we woke up early and got busy! The kids loved getting their presents. So did Justin and I :)

Christmas morning 2011!

Emie got a scooter and loved it!

Michelle got her camera! she was
 so excited!
Parker asked for a EC helicopter

Justin opening up his3rd pocket knife!

Emie still loves Pooh Bear!

The boys getting their "big" present!
Parker actually pulled a "A Christmas Story"
and came in after shooting and got a ricochet in the eye!

Eli asked for a RC car!

After opening the presents we had to put everything away to get ready for church! We had a really great day and we didn't have to rush off anywhere that made it so nice and relaxing!

I am still getting used to this new way of putting pictures on the page...can you say blog more often!

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