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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Michelle Turned 12

I have a Young Woman! Yep Michelle turned 12 on December 8th. She is so excited about YW and loves it so much! She is excited about babysitting and earning her own money. She is growing up so fast it is sort-of unfair! Michelle is crazy and sweet all at the same time.  She laughs at herself when she sneezes. she thinks she is so funny! She loves to be in charge and to let everyone know who's boss.  She has lots of sweet girl friends who like her so much, which makes her life so much nicer! She outgrew her mother this year and is still going! Mom likes to deny that though! She is interested in Softball and Track for JR  high next year!  She still plays the violin but wants to take a break...Mom and Dad are not so happy about that :(    She is our girl and we just love her! We are so excited to see how she grow's up!

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