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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Emie Turned 5

Emie turned 5 is that allowed? I don't know, but she sure is getting big! She was so excited about this years birthday. I think because kids actually know what is going on when they are 5 so this year she was bursting at the seams.  Drew and Cyndi sent her gift in the mail and it got here on the Saturday before the big day and said doesn't grandma know that my birthday is Monday...why didn't I get it on my birthday? I interpreted that as I can't wait to open this up why'd it have to come and tempt me!  So to celebrate her birthday we had a party with our friends from the ward. Our ward family!  Here's a few pictures!  We had a full house with lots of friends so a lot of the pictures are blurry!

She got her first 2 wheel bike for her birthday! 

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