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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Firsts

We've had a few firsts here at our house! Since Emie got her 2 wheeler for her 5th birthday she has been speeding around! No training wheels needed for her :) She loves her bike and loves to ride it to school and home! She begs the kids to go out side and watch her ride her bike!

The other first we had was, since Parker turned 8 he had his first cub scout den meeting! What a cutie. He has been worried since the first time Eli went to scouts that "they" wouldn't have it anymore when he turned 8.  So he was very excited about his Cub Scouts.

Michelle is now 12 and since she is 12 she gets to go with the youth of our church and do baptisms for the dead.  Michelle has been excited about going to the temple ever since I can remember! She loves to drive by the temple she loves to take pictures of any temple she loves to visit the grounds and the visitors centers. Her favorite temple is the Salt Lake temple and she hope to be married there someday :) She has a picture of the temple on her wall that I hope she looks at everyday and makes a priority to visit often.  

Michelle, Bethany, Maylee, and Fiona!

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Karrie said...

Great job updating. It was fun reading about your fam since I don't ever see you guys anymore.

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My Family

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