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Monday, April 23, 2012

We Had a Visitor

We got a surprise on Friday. Danny and Gwen decided to come for a visit.  It was so GREAT! I finally got to meet my niece Samantha Leigh. Monica, "Mitch" and I were so happy to finally hold and snuggle our cute baby.  She is such a cute baby, and what a personality. She is so happy and when she isn't she'll let you know. Just hand her to mommy and she'll fix her and hand her back. Gwen was a great sport letting us all giggle and fawn all over Samantha! She even let Emie hold her. WOW! So on the last day that she was here I thought why haven't I taken any pictures or our new baby. so out came the camera and I went to town here are just a few! 

What a great baby to just put herself to sleep! 

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