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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break

What can I say about spring break? It is a love/hate relationship! I love that we don't have a schedule to keep and that we can sort-of relax and do what ever but at the same time I need to figure out what to do with my kids for an entire week so that we don't fill our time with TV video games and other such nonsense! So what do I do?   I take them to the movies hahaha well it seemed like it! We saw The Lorax one day and we Saw The Muppets another day...So instead of watching our TV for free...I spent money to see these GREAT movies! Both of them were great! One day though, I took them to one of the local dairy farms where they got to pet some dirty animals and even feed them...we got to take a hay ride tour of the farm itself. Emie even got to ride a horse or donkey can't remember which one she got! I try to get my kids out of the house when the weather is so excellent.
Here is Parker chasing a chicken...he overheard something
I said to Justin about keeping a chicken if a person catches
one...well when he FINALLY got one I had to break the news
to him about not being able to take it home! Mom needs
to watch what she says :)
Emie on the horse ride!

Parker being a leap frog...the weather for SB was so awesome!

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Kandice and Rob said...

Ha ha ha... "they got to pet some dirty animals"! (although it is true) But look how happy they are!

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