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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Eli!

We spent Eli's birthday in St. Johns this year...pretty much like every other year. We have a family reunion in SJ with the Arkansas Platt's (and WA Platt's too) they are the family we all love to spend time with! So this year they were in AZ so we headed north! He had a great birthday banking about $50 and getting a few awesome presents. Cyndi had this AWESOME idea for a cake and we went to work. Eli LOVES hamburgers. He loves lots of food.  I always tell people that he is built like the Crockett's not the Platt's! Anyway, here are a few pictures of the party and presents! He had a great day thanks to everyone who was there to celebrate! It was a big milestone the big ol' 10

So Eli is my sweet boy, he always has been. I hope he never changes. He is such an easy going guy and he so so understanding! He also can be somewhat of a goober but we still love him.  He has such a great personality and is always happy. It is an off day when I get attitude from him! It does happen but not often. What a great kid happy birthday Eli I love you!

PS Eli had 3 teeth pulled right before our trip and he has such a goofy smile!


Melanie said...

Lucky kid...I want a $20 bill. :) And that cake looks really yummy.

Kandice and Rob said...

Cha-ching! His money smiles are great :D

Karrie said...

yay I love it when you update your blog. Cute back to school pics and bday pics. Way to go on the hamburger cake!

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