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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Memories!

Emie opening her present She stopped and I thought she was done Then I saw her just cleaning up after herself!
Good Baby!
Today Christmas is just a memory. The decorations are all put away and the kids are all "board" and I am 5 pounds heavier. Christmas was such a fun day this year. We got to sleep in till about 8:00 when I decided I wanted to take a shower before letting the kids open their gifts, so I showered then Justin did and after I showered I wanted to get the turkey dinner roasting before it was to late to get it cooking so I took a few minutes to clean and prepare our dinner so around 9:00 we let the kids come out and start opening their gifts. The first ones they opened were their clothes...you know underwear, and socks. They were getting a little disappointed when their next presents were opened their faces said it all...This is going to be great! And it was...Justin got a few things he needed and I got a few things I wanted it was a great day I am sure that the kids enjoyed themselves.

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

I was wondering what she was doing at the trash...your house looks pretty clean too!

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