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Friday, April 1, 2011

Parker Made It!

It is a miricle but Parker has made it to #7. I love Parker I love Parker I love Parker!

Parker has been looking forward to this day for a LONG time:) He practically figures out what he needs (or wants) a year in advance so living year to year is a LONG time for all parties involved! Anyway, This year all he wanted were Lego's, nothing but Lego's hey NO problem right I like Lego's they are a mom approved toy! So one day he was telling me that kids made fun of him because he rode on a pink bike. You might need to know that Megan is also a very.....let's just say.....Frugal person! Michelle had bikes after she grew out of them Eli rode them and after he was done Parker. Well Parker didn't like having to use a girls pink bike, DUH. Eli is so easy to please. So I decided, maybe 3 days before his big day that I would look for a bike at the city's garage sale, well they had nothing so for the first time Justin and I bought a BRAND NEW BIKE for our child!

Parker was so excited to open Lego set after Lego set from Monica and the kids, Grandma and Grandpa Platt,and Tony and Michele Lopez. Funny thing is that 3 out of the 4 sets were the exact same thing, so Parker is so excited to take those back and get more different Lego's.

He had a great day with Hamburgers for dinner and his BFF Tony at his party!

He also got this Dr. Suess book he loves them and is getting better at reading because of them!

This is Parker's reaction to the sight of his new awesome bike!

I think, I think ... he likes it!

Parker is a great handful of a kid, he makes me laugh and he also makes me CRAZY! He has a wonderful giving spirit and has a knack of saying whatever he thinks which makes him popular at church with some of the adults! He is smart and he is excited about playing whatever he thinks about, he plays so well with Lego's and has a great creative mind. He has been on a break from piano which mom isn't to happy about so we will take that fight head on sooner than later! I love Parker very much and here's to another year of gray hairs and stress induced eating :)


The Robinsons said...

I'm so glad he doesn't have to ride a pink bike anymore. I LOVE Parker. He is my favorite :) Give him a big hug from me!

Karrie said...

Great post. That's my favorite Dr Seuss book of all times. Happy Birthday Parker.

Whitney said...

happy birthday!!!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness. Sounds like our seven year olds would get along GREAT! You guys will be at the reunion right? Awesome! He sounds like a fantastic kid. Full of spirit!

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