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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stuck Baby!!!

Ok I am a bad mommy?! I was talking to my sister on the phone today, while we were talking I let Emie crawl around, sounds ok so far right? Well keep reading...
While Monica and I were talking about Primary Sharing time ideas (still sounds alright)
Emie managed to get herself in a sticky situation. Some how she got herself stuck in between the bottom rungs of one of the kitchen chairs.

She was alright at first, So I told Monica I had to go figure out how to get her unstuck. I recuted Eli to help at first. He did a good job at following directions but just wasn't old enough to really help! (Just so you all know Justin took Michelle to stake baptisms to see his home teaching family baptize thier first kid). So now what do I do? I called my firend Jamie and said can you come over RIGHT NOW! While waiting for Jamie I took a few more pictures! Of Course! When she arrived she suggested butter or I then said Crisco, so we lathered crisco on her head and body to help pry the chair off, well Emie wasn't having any of that so we went to the drastic measures a hand saw! AHH! Jamie kept Emie happy while I sawed through the chair! A few minutes later Michelle and Justin came home and Justin broke the rest of the rung and yea she was free!! Free but slippery! She is our first child who has done anything like this. I guess it had to happen sooner than later! Thanks again Jamie for all your help! So now you know why I am a bad mommy:(


mahonica (you ugly) said...

That is crazy! I am so sad for her right now...even though it is over. She's the one, I tell ya, she will be the death of you!

Koi said...

what the....how in the....where did...how did....Wait....What?

Poor Emmie. I hoped you spanked her real good after that:o)

Koi said...

I needed a good laugh so I came back to take another look at "Stuck Emmie." ha, ha! I love it. Thanks!

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