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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The End to a Great Day!

Well Emie's First birthday was a success! She doesn't even know but it is fun anyway. She went to the Dr. and got 3 shots and cried like we severed her arm. While she was crying I discovered she is getting 3 new teeth, yea! After we were done there we got Parker from school and went home for lunch. When Parker was ready to take a nap I said "let's go"

and then Parker started "Me want to stay home"

"But we need to get Emie's pictures taken" I said,

"Alright" in a huffy voice.

We then arrived at Target where we are getting the pictures taken and I decided to Top Emie off so she would be happy for the pictures well we were sitting there and all of a sudden I felt a very strange warm feeling! She BIT! me "OUCH!"

Are you kidding me its a good thing you are 1 now! Of course I probably will keep nursing because she will make me! Yes, I am a wimp if she cries I will feed her. Anyway the pictures were great and she was cute, off course. When we were done there we went to get the kids at school and came home got the house ready ate dinner and then had Emie's party! This is when this picture happened! She loved the chocolate on chocolate cake and you can tell! Sorry this post is longer than I even expected it to be enjoy the pictures!

This is when she first got it and just trying it out!
This is after she discovered she liked it and wanted more!
This is Emie rubbing the cake in her hair! Why is it that they only
rub their hair when they are dirty!


Koi said...

"Chocolate Emmie" is almost as good as "Stuck Emmie." What an entertainer she's turning out to be, she never seem to disappoint me. You should have videoed that!

Kandice & Rob said...

Megan!! Where did you get such cute kids?

It's Kandice. From the Palace. :D

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My Family

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