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Friday, March 14, 2008

Just When You Think...

Just when you think everything in your life is the same and mundane, someone does something for you to make you feel loved or better or just makes you feel happy. Well this after noon after a hard day of doing laundry Justin came home with these!

What a huge awsome surprise! So thank you Justin and for you I will fill out this little thing that Monica tagged me with!
My Hubby and Me

1. What is his name: Justin Drew Platt
2. How long have you been together: We met in August of 1995... We got married March 8th 1997 and are still together so just about 12 1/2 years
3. How long did you date: FOREVER...1 1/2 years on and off and on and off
4. How old is he: 35
5. Who eats more: Depends on what is being served...
6. Who said "I love you" first: I think I did..ooops I always said I would always wait to say it second but oh well
7. Who is taller:Justin
8. Who can sing better: I can but Justin isn't all that bad
9. Who is smarter: Well since I have had a litter of babies and have MOMNESIA, I have to say Justin is!
10. Who does the laundry: I do. I always have I think I always will!
11. Who pays the bills: He does he know all that stuff.
12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: He does and he will not let me over there either.
13. Who mows the lawn: Well since we bought our house Justin always did but in Novemeber he hurt his sholder and now I have to.
14. Who cooks dinner: I do!
15. Who drives when you're together: Now that he is hurt I do. Our home teacher called us a "old couple" because I have to drive him places!
16. Who is more stubborn: HE IS. I always give in!
17. Who kissed who first: Well I am going to say he kissed me first because I didn't want to take something he didn't want to give.
18. Who asked who out first: Yea we were poor so we really never went out we always went everywhere together.
19. Who proposed: He did!
20. Who has more friends: I do.
21. Who is more sensitive: I am because I am a little baby.
22. Who has more siblings: Justin is the oldest of 6. YIKES!
23. Who wears the pants: Justin always has and always will.
So thanks Justin and I love you!


Kandice & Rob said...

MOMNESIA! lol, but it's so true.

Rick*Amber*Taryn said...

How thoughtful of him! They are beautiful!

Koi said...

Awww, who gave who their first pair of paisley "sexy" underwear?
I'm glad to see that he gave you flowers with out being prompted to before you hit the 20 year mark. You must be doing something right.

Suzanne said...

How Nice! I think I need to show Brad this picture as a little hint.

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