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Monday, January 17, 2011

FOUR! Girls day out!

Ok do you understand the FOUR? It means "watch out" in golf! Here is what to watch out for...Last MAY a few of my college roommates decided it was a great time for a reunion. Well actually EAC was having a choir reunion and since all the roommates were in choir we decided to go. Becky drove down from Bagdad, AZ to meet us, Kandice drove from the west valley to drive us all over to Thatcher. They got me and drove to Globe where we picked up Jeannette and Amy. From there we headed over to pick up Monica at my parents house then reunion where Jodi caught up with us and we headed over to eat lunch! It was catered by one of the yummy mexican food resturants from the Gila Valley...the food wasn't really yummy that day, I think it is because mexican food is best served fresh. After the luncheon the choir preformed. We couldn't handle it the program is so different from when we were there that we decided to leave at the intermission. We went over to my parents house again where we readied ourselves to go visit the new Gila Valley Temple. It was such a wonderful experience. I hope we can do it again soon!

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