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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trip to Seattle

This last November Justin had to go on a "training trip" to Seattle for work...I was like "Luuckkyy" Well one thing led to another I Justin called me one day from work and told me he got me a ticket too!

Justin's mom came and Heaven's Bless her she watched our kids for a whole week!
Justin was in training all day everyday so I got to entertain myself by sightseeing all over Seattle! Here are my pictures!
View from our room at the Westin!
View from the Space Needle!
While I was touring the Space Needle I noticed a sign for a Harry Potter exhibition at a museum near by so I went on over there and did that too! The kids would have loved to go but alas it was only me! We weren't allowed to take pictures of the exhibit but this is the museum where is was!
I also go to go the the Pike Street Market! That was fun!
I also stopped in at a glass blowing shop! That is a crazy thing to me, it was fascinating!
I also road the Fairies! That was sooo fun I loved it!
View from the fairy!
I had such a great time and Justin said he was so happy that I was able to come with him and he wouldn't have and any kind of fun, but since I was there is was great!

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The Robinsons said...

I'm still so so bummed that it just happened to be when my fam was in town! I so would have come up and explored with you! :( Glad you had some fun though!

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