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Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Trouble!

So today was going well...I had my day care kiddo's come and they were playing with my kids just fine, I was sorting the MOUNTIAN of laundry-that has accumulated for a couple of weeks-and getting the dishes done. A very productive morning! Well about 10:00a.m. I got a call from a friend that had something for me and she was going to drop it off, sure no problem. I like this person we always have a great visit. At about 10:30 said friend showed up and dropped off my bag of stuff, while we were talking Emie decided to climb onto the back of the couch and get a toy full of water and drink it, I of course got her down and told her "NO"! And if you know Emie this doesn't mean anything! Anyway I walked my friend out to the car and talked a little longer when I came back in Emie and my D.C. kid PJ both decided to play in the water and flood my counter tops! AAAHHH! both of them were in trouble time out for both of you!!!!! Here is Emie in time out she is so cute and very good while she is in there!

Earlier I went to write a check to give to again said friend, and found this

YEP, a check written out to Michelle by Michelle in the amount of $10...for babysitting, with even an attempt at forging my signature! What? I don't think so! Does she really think she will be getting paid to babysit when she is old enough for Justin and I to take off whenever we want to! UMMM the answer is NO, she will be our sitting slave.

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

WOW That is crazy!...

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