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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Very Discouraged

So I was looking at my blog today and the layout was hurting my eyes...I think it was just to ugly to have anymore so I went for something a little more easy on the eyes:) Anyway I also put a little piece of encouragement for my own piece of mind here on my blog! I hope it helps me know what my importance on this earth is. This weekend was a huge challenge for me and Justin with our kiddo's and I need a few positive affirmations in my life...I hope I start thinking more lovingly about my kids! Here's to a new week and only 2 weeks until school is out!
OH by the way...Blue October's new CD "Approaching Normal" is excellent. Justin got me this CD for Mother's Day along with a new shirt and skirt. It has been a great day filled with breakfast in bed, gifts, church, naps, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (don't make fun I loved that series), and Dinner! Thanks family for the great Mother's Day!
P.S. I did get the clean version of the CD!


Jessie Nichols said...

What Kiddo's can't be a challange? What world do you live in!

mahonica (you ugly) said...

"peace" of mind...Megan...anyway, I hope you will feel calmer and happier soon.

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

Maybe if I keep saying that thought over and over in my mind I will be a better mommy too! You are too funny! It is nice to hear that I am normal for feeling a little overwhelmed at times and I only have two! What could I do with four???
Good luck! I hope things get better, well as much as they can with school ending!

Ryan and Jayme said...

I have those weeks too! Being a mom is so hard...but so rewarding. You are a great mom and strong person! Just remember...they are only little for a short time!

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