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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend:)

Alright, wow talk about your blog catch up! BTW, I blogged about the month of March but had already started it and saved it as a draft soo it is under the post about the wax story! OK now on with it Megan!
This Easter weekend we got to go over to Safford to spend our time with my family! We stayed with Monica and Jeff and had a lot of fun that night! Saturday morning we woke up not so early and headed out to Klondye for our 2nd Cousins reunion. They decided to invite our grandma and the rest of the Crockett side their reunion! How nice they fed us and gave all the kids a Easter basket LOADED with lots of fun stuff. They live out on a ranch and had lots of outdoors for the kids to roam without us worrying about them too much! They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and then it happened...we spotted the cute little puppies and that was it, the kids were hooked! Well so was I, it turns out they were to be given away as Easter gifts! So what did I do? Yea momentary lapse of brain function and said "I want the brown one!" Oh he is so cute! So here he is!

I think we will name him Max, that is the name we actually all think would work! The kids are so excited, he is a great puppy. It's sort-of funny how he doesn't like being outside, although that is where he lives. He probably never went indoors before now and now he is hooked! Every time the door opens he runs to get there before it closes!

So the Easter Bunny visited in a way that has changed our lives completely, thanks to my impulse reaction to hearing that something is "free"!
Sunday was a good one, Church, food and family! We went to church with Jeff and the Kids (Monica got sick) then headed over to my mom's house where she fed us Ham and lots of Jello's. Then visited until it was time to leave! It was a great day and good to be able to see everyone!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Good post!

Gwen Crockett said...

Love your new puppy! :-) I betcha Danny is jealous.

meghannamarie said...

He is totally jealous! You are funny Gwen!

Smamy said...

How adoreable! You're brave - Randall keeps bugging for a dog, Dallin too. Mean old me, won't say yes... Max looks awfully sweet though! I like Max, good name!

Suzanne said...

How cute your new puppie is. Your hair removal story was scary, I know for sure I don't want to try it now. Can't wait to see everyone in July!

Koi said...

Lucky for me my "inside dog" was already house trained. How's that working out for ya?

Koi said...

So I was reading about your waxing adventure....Hilarious! Why didn't you call me? I'm the waxing queen. Baby oil is how you get rid of wax. It breaks it down somehow.

Whitney said...

Lucky! that puppy is sooo cute!

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