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Sunday, April 5, 2009

March Madness!

March was, as I predicted, very busy. I started the month out with 2 day care kiddo's. PJ (3) gets to come on Monday's and Tuesday's for a few hours. And Jack (5 months) gets to come on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's all day. This has kept me pretty busy so far, hardly time to blog let alone read others blogs. On March 5 Justin and I decided to celebrate our 12 year anniversary a little early! Yep 12 years who would have thought...look how young we are almost babies! We went up to scottsdale for the night before Justin had surgery. Oh did I forget to mention that. Yea Justin was getting shoulder surgery on March 6th that is why we dicided to celebrate early. We spent the night in scottsdale so we could be closer to the hospital (so I didn't have to wake up at 3:30 basically). Anyway, the hotel was so nice this is what I said to Justin as we walked in..."wow a hotel with the stairs on the inside" yea I know we are such hicks! It was so nice the guy at the counter as we checked in told us we should try out the "heated" swimking pool. Oh I didn't even think of that so we headed off to Marshall's to find swimming apperal. While we were out we dicided to eat out at Red Robin. Wow that was good! I liked the Guacamole Burger and Justin enjoyed the Peppercorn Burger. After finding the hospital (so I wouldn't get lost in the morning) we headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed the Hot Tub. The pool was heated but not enough for us Arizona Natives. The next morning we headed off the the hospital where I sat for a few hours and Justin had his surgery! It didn't last for too long and the pictures were really gross, I thought about posting those but I changed my mind! I also took pictures of him before he went in but with my cell phone, which stopped working about 3 weeks ago! Anyway the month was just busy with day care and Relief Society! We had our R.S Birthday Celebration. It was a Fiesta with a Pinata and everything! I heard several times it was good hopefully I can continue the good and not anything bad!
On March 25th Parker turned 5
He was soooo excited, he kept telling people days before the 25th I am five today is my birthday. He got a ton of loot and wants to spend all day building houses with his lego's, and going to the store to spend his money! He is so cute and smart. He will start Kindergarten next year and with any luck he will have all day, but if not I guess I will survive another half day year!

After we got the cement done in February I decided that the house couldn't go any longer without a coat of paint so we went though so may paint samples and finally picked one that worked and came home and found out it was a very very lime green color. YIKES! back to home depot we go with a different color and wow what a difference. The lime green would have fit into our neighborhood just fine but we really don't want the missionaries to tract us out on a monthly basis! So here is a before picture we have a LHOT of work to do!
Spring Break was this month too. We didn't do much because of the fact that my kids are rotten. But we did make it over to Safford to visit cousins and Grandma's and Grandad! The kids were so sure they could potty train Emie too. They didn't have much luck but tried. Emie is her own person no one will tell her what to do!
The month was so busy that I can't really remember what exactly what happened and when it happened so this is just what I can remember! I hope you didn't laugh to hard when you saw our wedding picture!

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Smamy said...

What? No mention of your daya away with friends?! J/K! I'm sure I'll get around to posting about March in about... oh... June!:)

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