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Friday, March 6, 2009

Cause There's Nothing Else To Do!

So February has been an exciting and busy and insane month...it started out slow so I thought good I will be able to post things as they happen, well it didn't work out that well so here I am updating the whole month in one post!

Before it got real busy I was tired of looking at my ugly kitchen so I thought what can I do to make it look better or at least not as ugly so I found this desk on craigslist and brought it home...boy does it make the kitchen not so cluttered! That for me was a nice thing just because now it doesn't seem so make my house so blah! What do you think? The before picture doesn't even show the whole mess so in your head picture another table full of other crap!

Justin doesn't really believe in Valentines day but he always brings me flowers to let me know he loves me...Yea I know, I was surprised too. Anyway this is a picture of the flowers and the little craft Parker made for me in school! So cute!

On the weekend of Presidents day Justin had a long weekend and a new gun so we decided to make a trip to Safford. I had different reasons to go, the Gila Valley Temple grounds dedication was taking place on Feb 14th. It also was my nephews 4th birthday...So lots of reasons to take off! These are pictures of the kids digging in the dirt where the temple is going to be located. Actually I think they said where they were digging is where the Celestial room will be, so exciting. We actually put some dirt in a container and collected some rock for the memory!

After the digging fun, we decided to go visit "Old" Grandma. My Grandma is the best but she can't do things the way she used to so when we are there we always try to go over and visit. She loves to see the kids and see how big they are getting, she also loves it when Justin comes to visit so she can have a political discussion and be entertained by his opinions. Not that they are different but that she gets him to talk. Anyway I have a picture of Michelle with "Old" Grandad in this same outfit so I thought it fitting to get a picture of Emie with "Old" Grandma in the same outfit. I don't know why it's just me!

P.S. Grandma never looks at a camera so this is as close as she will come...with her eyes closed!

I didn't go shooting with Justin so I don't have any pictures of that but boy was he excited to get a few rounds through it. And I also didn't get any pictures of Bronson's birthday party but that was a fun evening. Poor kid had to wait all day for his party and he was so excited about getting batteries! Check it out here.

That brings us to our house...what can I say about our house. It's not the biggest, or the prettiest, or anything else. We knew it would be a work in progress, so this last week was a week of progress. We have wanted to cement in our side yard so that we would have a place to park the white car, and make the weeds go away. Plus we also got the step out the back door done so now officially our addition is DONE! We also got a patio done so we can put a Bar-Be-Que grill out there and never use it there either;). So here are the before and after pictures of the side yard and the while getting it done pictures of the back patio. I thought Kevin and Tressa would appreciate these photos of Kevin hard at work!

This picture is the before, Justin worked really hard to get it to this point. But this picture makes it look like Parker worked really hard on getting the dirt moved. He was this dirty after picking up a piece of wood to make a bike ramp. Finally they are using their heads on how to have "boy fun", thanks to Skyler!This Shirt is still dirty I am shouting it as we speak!

The kids all wanted to check out what was going on this is before we gave in and let them outside! This is a cute picture of (left to right) Madelyn, Kaitlyn, Emie, and Bronson.

That is what happened after we let the kids go outside. No Problem Kevin said and fixed it.

This is the after, doesn't it look great?

On February 27th Emie Turned the BIG 2

She is so cute! And not at all in the Terrible 2's (not yet). She is such a great baby a great way to end a large family, I hear having 4 kids makes you a large family now, I donno? Anyway Emie makes me laugh everyday her personality is fantastic and hilarious, she is so pretty and such a little princess. She loves her mom and dad and sister and brothers yep both of them! She is a tiny little thing and has all of us wrapped around her little finger. As the youngest should! I can't wait for her to get older and to see her personality grow! I am so grateful for her, I am grateful for my Heavenly Father for asking us to have her and I am so happy I listened! Here are some pictures of her on her Birthday... She is trying to hold out her I'm 2 fingers so cute!
Look at the AWESOME cake I made!

She wouldn't blow her candles out, I guess she figured that blowing Bronson's candles out on his birthday counted for hers too!

She saw this little chair at Wal-Mart and loved it so I thought why not I will go ahead and get this for her. She loves it still (I was a little worried) and gets upset when someone else wants to sit in it or touches it!

See she loves it and is so happy! And it is useful for naps too, so comfortable!

March is already starting off in a rush, maybe the next time you hear from me will be in another month! I will try to be better we will see with the time ever slows down!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

That was a good post. Your cake turned out so much better than mine...What did you do differently?

Koi said...

That cake was adorable! I have a gift for Emmie from my mom(Oops, just remembered). How did you make it? Jarred couldn't tell if it was really big cupcake or a regular sized one. Mmmm, I want cupcakes now.

Lewis said...

Wow, what an update. Sounds like a busy month. I need to have one of those...

Whitney said...

wow! you guys have been busy! the patio looks great, and the desk is great too! I need something like that! I love the cake you made! I saw another one like that and I love them! how did you make it? I want to make one when millie turns 1!

Smamy said...

The desk is perfect! Such a difference - and now some more usable space too!

How awesome that you got to dig and help with the groundbreaking - what a great memory!

Emie is such a doll! My mom has a chair like that one for Emory (we have no room for it in our house...) and she couldn't care much less right now. Maybe later... The cake is so cute. Did you have one of those giant cupcake pans for it?

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