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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

General Conference!

Wasn't Conference great this year?...Yea that was a question! We did have G.C. on all day on Saturday and watched the first session while making breakfast and getting ready for the day, but my kids just like to make things like listening very difficult! Anyway Saturday after the morning session Justin decided to move a wall so painting the house would be easier and to make the look of the house nicer too! Anyway so we missed the second session on Saturday and Justin missed the Priesthood session that night due to needing groceries at Sam's Club! At this point we are really glad that we get the Ensign! On Sunday morning, it was a bit more calm, we let the kids play so we could get something out of conference. When the first session was done we called the kids into the room and explained to them that they were going to watch the second session with us quietly and revently. During the break this is how our kids entertained themselves!
Yep they got every shirt in their dressers and layered themselves up to the point that when they hit each other it didn't hurt! What? Why? I don't get it! Oh well they were playing quietly! That went on until conference started again and we called them in to watch! Or Sleep? Yea I think everyone fell asleep but Eli, I say I think because I did fall asleep! Man are we glad we get 2 copies of the Ensign! I always like General Conference the spirit that is in my home and the love that is shared! Hopefully in 6 months we get a little more out of it!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Ummm...conference was like a week ago.

Smamy said...

Sounds about like ours. I spend most of Conference cooking and cleaning after company - Laurie and Matt come up every year. In fact, Matt finished painting on saturday. Yay! It doesn't actually look like it's falling down anymore!!!

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