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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks Everybody!

Everybody thanks for the opinions! I loved to hear what each of you told me to do! As for me I decided at the last minute to cancel the appointment for a few reasons. 1. the bruise is bigger and more yellow today! B. the kids school pictures price was raised like $6.00 a piece so to spend more money on a picture with a bruise made me cringe. and finally I lost my voice yesterday and I don't feel like going out to talk to anyone today! So those are my reasons I have a few pictures of Emie with the bruise so I will do what Megan said and go ahead and scrap those and make a later appointment when hopefully (knock on wood, Kandice) she doesn't have a facial impairment! Thanks again to you all who cared to leave me feedback!


Mechelle said...

I hope everything turns out. and you get to feeling better. I finnally made an appointment for my family to get pics done and yesterday Kaleb scratched Zach on the face. We'll see haw bad it is on Fri, hopefully it'll be alot better.

Koi said...

I hate the previous post. Every time I see it I feel like it's my fault. If I wouldn't have forced you to let me get rid of your black roots then Emie wouldn't have gotten hurt. Tell her I'm so sorry. Ugh! I feel so bad!

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