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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mommy Daughter Movie!

This post is long over due! Last weekend High School Musical 3 came to a theater near me. So I thought "what would a good mom do?", Along with my sister telling me I really should take Michelle to see the movie. I broke down and went to see the movie. It was really a good movie to complete the story. I enjoyed it and I am pretty sure Michelle did too. It was the first movie since Star Wars 1 that I had to wait in line to get into the theater.

While we were walking to the back of the line we passed this group of little girls who all had shirts that said "I "Heart" Troy" it was really cute, I am sure that their mothers (who had the same shirts on) got them made for them but I thought it would have been fun to have that for Michelle and maybe for me too! It was a lot of fun and Michelle actually used these words..."You're the Best!"... WOW I never thought she would say that but it was nice to hear! Well I think the movie did pretty good opening weekend...

High School Musical 3: Senior Year BV $42,000,000!

I think that would be considered a good opening weekend!

As for the movie I liked it. I thought in the earlier movies, Zach and Vanessa didn't seem like they had any kind of romantic chemistry, Finally they did, it seemed like they liked each other in this movie.

The movie made me think back many many years to when I was graduating from H.S. and I remembered how much fun it was to be with friends and laugh and have fun. The kind of fun you can have when you are that age anyway!!

So it was a fun movie for me to watch as much as it was for Michelle. I would definitely recommend the movie to see. Michelle has already requested it for a Christmas present but I informed her it probably will have to be next year.

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Smamy said...

Awww... Mommy/Daughter bonding! How sweet! I have to admit that I'm relieved that HSM and Hannah Montana will be out of the limelight by the time Emory is old enought to care about them - but I'm sure there will be something like them to take their place. There always is...

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