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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving...and Picture Overload

It's Halloween time and that means pumpkin carving. I am not a big fan of carving pumpkins I don't like all the gook and yuck and messy kids! However, this year we were invited to carve pumpkins with a few friends! It was so much fun, the kids had a blast Parker carved his pumpkin for at least 45 minutes without speaking a word. Now his pumpkin turned out a little smashed but he loved it and is sooo proud of it you will see it later in the bombardment of photos. Michelle decided to go at it herself and carved a real cute (if they can be cute) cat! She did it all herself and did a great job! Eli and Jennifer (the pregnant girl) carved a bat sitting on a pumpkin Eli really enjoyed helping Jennifer out and I think Jennifer liked having the help too. Adam (the teenager in the pictures) carved the hardest pumpkin, a hollow tree. It had a ton of little cuts but it turned out really good. I wanted our pumpkin to look cute, which I got a lot of heat about, because Halloween is supposed to be scary. I get scared easily so I went the cute route. So ours is the one with the BOO teeth, Justin carved it because I don't like to! Terry (the man in blue) carved the cutest little Casper it turned out really good. Beth (the lady in black) carved a vampire biting a woman's neck, in honor of her daughter loving the Twilight books. Matt ( the man in Yellow) I think took the cake when he came with a pattern of Sarah Palin's face to carve into his pumpkin, it looked really good too! We had so much fun, and the kids loved doing it and I don't think Justin hated it as much because he got to talk with adults while carving! Karrie doesn't like to carve pumpkins either but she loves the seeds so she collected all the seeds, I think she will have enough to last a while! I got to do what I do best and that would be to sit around and chat with friends and take pictures. Karrie didn't like that I wasn't in any pic's though so she talked me into at least one picture with Justin and Emie. Emie and Eli's pumpkins were so funny, I bought some potato head type of decorations for a couple of the kids just in case we didn't want all of the pumpkins to be carved, well Eli helped Emie with hers and they were too cute. All in all this was a great night now it is time to start planning for next year!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

So many things to say...
1) Did you arrange for everyone to wear a different color so you could just say "the lady in black" etc for each picture?
2) I am LOVING that vampire pumpkin, also the tree and Sarah Palin.
3) Tell Karrie that she can buy pumkin seeds at the store near the sunflower seeds.
4) Is the patched up drywall in the background the aftermath of having too much fun at this party?
5) LOVE Emie's moptop hair!

Kandice and Rob said...

These are some cool pumpkins! What a good idea to have a big mass carving party. I'd like that - especially if it wasn't at my house. :)

Lewis said...

Good seeing you today! Our run ins are few and far between.

Suzanne said...

Cool pumkins, it looks like lots of fun.

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My Family

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