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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!

This Halloween was a ton of fun! I always have more fun when I work hard on the kids costumes. Michelle wanted to be Princess Leia I immediately thought what? why? and how? then of course Eli says he wants to be either Iron Man or Bumblebee (transformer) What? How? I finally took him and talked him into Iron Man, It saw his costume at wal-mart and thought it would be easy to copy! Parker doesn't really care so I told Michelle to talk him into being Luke Skywalker that is easy! I mostly had the stuff. Then Monica brought down a cute clown costume for Emie months ago I have had what I was going to do with her for months...easy! Well it came down to October 29th that was the date of our ward's trunk of treat. That day I stayed home all day and put together all the costumes. Thanks to goodwill and wal-mart! Justin was a huge help too he actually made the pattern for the Princess Leia costume. I hate sewing but I actually got through the sewing parts with minimal cursing! Yea thumbs up! On Wednesday night we had fun at the trunk or treat and got lots of candy. The next day Parker had his class party where they painted pumpkins, frosted cookies, played games, and had a costume parade. That is always cute for the kiddos. Then it was Friday the actual day of Halloween, when did this holiday become a week long? In my opinion the only good thing about Halloween is that the next day it is November! Anyway we had all day to prepare and be ready for the evening but we didn't get anything done and the kids didn't get to go Trick or Treating until like 6:30 So here are the Pictures related to the three days of Halloween Fun! Enjoy I actually did this year!


Koi said...

I love Homemade costumes. They always end up looking better than store bought. "Clown Emmie" is way cuter than "Stuck Emmie."

Mechelle said...

homemade are tons better than store-bought. You did a great job, and they look awesome!

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

You are so talented! I love all of their costumes! I love making costumes because they don't have to be perfect and you can use your own imagination! You did great!

Smamy said...

Love the homemade costumes! I intended to go the homemade route this year, and then saw the adoreable Tinkerbell in Emory's size. Couldn't resist! Dallin was actually Bumblebee this year - although it was a tossup between him and Ironman also! Those two love the same things don't they! Since I bought Emory's I had to buy Dallin's (had to be fair right?). And your clown Emie's ADOREABLE!

mahonica (you ugly) said...

I thought you already had your next post in mind...come on!

Suzanne said...

I love Emmie's costume and I'm quite impress with all the other homemade ones. That's not a talent of mine. I totally feel for you having to celebrate Halloween since Wed.UGH. One day was enough for me.

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