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Friday, June 19, 2009

Post 101

Well I totally messed up! I was going to do something grand for my 100th post but alas I wasn't paying attention so Emie in Charge was my 100th entry! So I guess I will hold off on my grand idea until my 150th post or maybe the 200th!
Here is what has been happening lately.
On Wednesday morning all the kids went to the dentist to get their teeth checked and cleaned. All the kids even Emie sat in the chair for the Dentist, they all did great not a single cavity to be seen! On Wednesday night Emie was playing with a ball on the trampoline when she decided to push it through the springs. When the ball finally fell through she fell too and hit her mouth on the trampoline bar! The perfect trip to the dentist was marred by this fall because she hit her mouth so hard it cut through her gums and possibly damaged her permanent tooth. Off to the dentist again...Thursday afternoon. The dentist took X-rays of her front tooth to see if there was any damage to the tooth or root...YEA nothing is wrong everything should turn out just fine. She will just have some discoloration of the baby tooth.
That isn't the best picture but she didn't want me doing that in the first place!
So Thursday was full of errands and dentist visits but the most exciting thing that happened was we got a new garage door. The old one was so broken and so with this years tax return we decided to go ahead and get a new door! Here are the before and after pictures! The before one is the one with Emie!
Just one more home improvement made, Check! We didn't want windows again for a couple of reasons...1st because the windows made the old door break in the first place, ask Justin to explain if you HAVE to know why. 2nd the windows make it easy for a robber to break the glass pull the cord and lift the door open. 3rd Because I can park the car in the garage and no one will be able to tell if I am there or not...the Schwan's man, or a solicitor.
Then while waiting for the door to be installed Emie decided to put on this Buzz Lightyear costume.
The thing about this costume is that it is made for Parker's Build-a-Bear. Yea she thought it looked fun and put it on. I was thinking if she doesn't grow at all during the year she could wear it for Halloween! Just kidding, I just thought it was pretty funny though!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Ouch. I am glad she will be fine. Also, the garage door is awesome. I will help you paint it if you want. And Emie is Hilarious!Love the teddy bear dress up outfit.

Jessie Lewis said...

Ahhh poor Emie. She seems to be a tough one.

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