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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5th and 6th Grade Orchestra Concert

Both Michelle and Eli were in Houston Elementary's Orchestra program this year. Michelle played the violin, which she has wanted to do since she knew I always wanted to play.  And Eli played the cello.  Eli surprised me last year saying he wanted to play the cello.  I tried to talk him out of it, asked him to play the trombone. With no luck I signed the paper saying he could play the cello.  He had done a great job this year and plans to go back again next year and play.  I am very excited that he is liking it! Michelle has been playing the violin for 2 years now and is pretty good at it.  She doesn't plan to play next year and that breaks my heart. Hopefully by some kind of luck the Jr. High will take her second elective choice instead of the first and "make" her do orchestra. I would hate for her to quit now! Eli's name was pulled out of a hat during his concert so he got to play a solo. He did a great job, this mom was very excited! Here are a few pictures and maybe a video or two!

Eli peeking around!

The cute girl in the back is one of Michelle's best friend!

Emie was lulled to sleep during the concert!

Parker fell asleep too! poor kids

Mrs. Moriarty (Eli's teacher) wanted to take a picture of the sleepers!

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Whitney said...

haha! I love that your kids fell asleep there!

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