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Monday, April 7, 2008

Count to 10

So is this the life of a mother one who answers the phone and while talking for a few moments walks into her bedroom to find this...

...Yep this is how Parker decided to redecorate my room today! Isn't it cute I like how the colors flow and stuff! You missed the part where he was trying on all my rings! Thank goodness for the blog! This is my new counting to ten.
p.s. he didn't really get into that much trouble. It wasn't all that bad!


Koi said...

I swear that's a Platt thing. I remember wanting to redecorate and trying to get Jeremy help me. Ie; crayon colored dresser, red finger nail polish on the piano and me, clothes on my canopy bed. See, Platt thing.

Lewis said...

Whatever; you're as cute as they come. I've been doing pretty great. I'm thinking the last month is going to be awful for me just because so far I've had it pretty easy. Here's hoping it continues to be smooth.

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