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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy Randomness Batman!

OK so this post is just random things I wanted to blog about so here it goes! By the way I cannot pronounce the title to this post, but I liked it too much to change!

Ok first of all these flowers were delivered to me just the other day! aren't they beautiful, A friend in my ward remembered my birthday and sent me these what a wonderful surprise...Thanks so much D'Ann!

So what do you think of Parker's suit for church today?

I happened to be at choir practice this morning and this is how he went to church. I did tie his shoes!

Eli earned his first belt loop in scouts a bowling award!

I wanted to do Emies hair in curlers, she wasn't very excited about it but whatever. I love her head!

Yea this isn't an after shot I forgot to do that the next morning! Sorry Monica she did look so cute too!

Eli is playing soccer for his extra activity this semester. We went through Young Champions of America and we will just have to wait and see if we like it!

Here he is running real fast!

Here is Parkers first Saturday in his soccer class! Actually listening!

Now concentrating very hard on the task at hand!

Michelle wanted to do some cheer leading for her extra activity. She seems to enjoy it and has a friend in the class with her! What do you think of her jump not to bad!

Here she is doing her first cheer!

This is just a really funny car I saw while driving home from Target the other day! It made me laugh so I took a picture!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

You're funny! That picture of Michelle jumnping makes her seem even taller! Did Eli do a good turn yet?????????

Smamy said...

My favorite is the car - What the heck? Too funny. Oh yeah.. cute kids too!!:)

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