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Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! Again:)

So yesterday was my 29th birthday and it was great! Justin took the day off so he could take care of the kids and get them off to school and he also wanted to make sure I had a great day with lots of fun! We were able to do a few things that needed to be done, errands and such stuff. I know what you are thinking that is NOT fun but you have to realize these things needed to be done and I didn't have to do them all alone and I also didn't have to drive myself all over town and I didn't have to drag Emie in and out of store all day by myself, so for me it was just fine! Actually I enjoyed spending time that way just the 3 of us! Anyway he didn't forget to make sure I got my Krispie Kremes. and made sure I had a great breakfast at the Black Bear Diner! Later on Justin grilled up some delicious stake and we had mashed potatoes and gravy no veggies (Justin said I'm not a cook I don't think of that stuff). The stake was REALLY good! Anyway after getting after the kids for bringing their homework to us at 8:00pm and sending them to bed Justin remembered he didn't give me any presents. He went and woke up the kids to help pass them out. Here is what I got: A yoga mat, an itunes gift card, an All American Rejects CD, and a pair of workout shorts. All of which were on my list! He also got me this card it was the perfect card to get for me!

So that was my 29th birthday for you! I had a great day and I am very grateful for my Husband, and kids and all the great friends I have in my life that wished me a happy day via Facebook! So here is to the next year I hope it goes as fast as this year has flown by!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

oh ya, Happy 29th (rolls eyes)Birthday, Megan! BTW Nice card Justin!

Whitney said...

ha ha, that card is so hillarious!!!! happy birthday!

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

good card. well i hope you got my belated voicemail. Happy Birthday!! well good luck with everything. and have a great time. may be we can get together for some pampering (I've got b-day specials). lol!!

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