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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have a Cub Scout!

Well it is official Eli has been officially welcomed into the cub scouts. Yep I am a mother of a cub scout, what am I going to do? He was so excited I sewed all his patch's on his shirt this afternoon and he practiced his "cub scout promise" and all the things he needs to know to earn his Bobcat award. So tonight at pack meeting we (Justin happens to be the Cub Master) were able to award Eli with his "upside down" bobcat award. He will get to turn it right side up when he does a good turn for someone else. Which won't be hard for Eli he is always doing nice things for others! I have forgotten or I didn't realize or something but I didn't know that as mothers we get to be pinned for the ranks the boys accomplish I think that is pretty neat. A friend in the ward says it's nice that the boy scouts do that since the mothers do so much work getting their sons all the awards, she says it is our own scout bling! I love her she is great! Well I hope I can be as good a scout mother as my mom was and all the other mothers who live in our ward, I don't want Eli to suffer because I am his mother! So wish me luck and hopefully this won't be the last time you see pictures of Eli getting Awards in scouts;)


mahonica (you ugly) said...

"You don't want Eli to suffer b/c you are his mom..." That's a great line!

Suzanne said...

Yeah for Eli! Cole loves Cubs in fact he wants to join a school troop too! Have fun in Scouts Eli.

Jessie Lewis said...

I'm excited for these events.

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