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Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally, the First Day of School!

Ok so I am a little behind, so bear with me for posting this blog so late! On Monday August 10th my kids had their first day of school and they were so excited. Michelle knew exactly what she was going to wear Eli picked out his favorite shirt and Parker was good with what I picked for his first day of school. They were so excited and couldn't wait to get to school. Michelle is in the 4th grade now so she gets to go to the intermediate playground to play before school. Eli and Parker are still together in the primary playground so Eli gets to take care of Parker in the morning! But on Monday morning I took Parker in for his first day. He was so funny...when his teacher came out to get the class he told me that he was fine and I could go. He took the bag of school supplies from me and was off to his first day of school in Kindergarten. I got a picture of him while writing his name at his desk, he looks so cute and smart. I then went to Eli's class to inform his teacher I forgot all of his paperwork and his first day of school homework...Yep not off to a great start! Then over to Michelle's class and he teacher was busy talking so I didn't interrupt her. When we first got there we saw Parker's friend Nouha (I babysit her when Tressa needs a break) she is in Kindergarten this year too we are very excited about this! I got a couple of pictures of all the kids before school and Emie of course had to be in on the action! She went to school in her nightgown that morning! Shows how together mom is!

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

Michelle's outfit is cute...and Emie...she of course cracks me up!

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