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Monday, August 17, 2009

Strawberry Breakfast Sundae

Today for breakfast I made Strawberry Breakfast Sundae's. They were very delicious, and very easy...the only prep would be to cut up a couple of fresh strawberries.

So here is the recipe :

Cheerios ( or the generic version if you are cheap like me:)
Vanilla or Strawberry yogurt
1 TBS. Strawberry jam
Strawberries sliced
and 1 big strawberry whole
Place 1 TBS strawberry jam in the bottom of bowl
top with some cheerios (about a hand full)
cover cheerios with half of the sliced strawberries top that with a couple spoons full of yogurt.Top that with another hand full (and a half) of cheerios followed by remaining sliced strawberries and more yogurt topped with the whole strawberry! I also put some whipped topping on the ones that wanted whipped topping.

So of course my kids did not like the strawberry jam on the bottom of the bowl, and of course Parker doesn't like strawberries so in the next couple of days I might try this with banana's. I won't put a jam on the bottom of the bowl and I will use Vanilla yogurt instead of strawberry and I will put banana's on instead, duh! Anyway other than the 1 little complaint of the strawberry jam the kids loved this breakfast!

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My Family

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