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Friday, August 21, 2009

Opening Our Hearts

So on August 30 I get to speak in church...yep why did they pick me I don't know! Anyway...my topic is Opening our Hearts, the talk given by Gerald Lund in the April 2008 General Conference (the May 2008 Ensign). I am not as nervous as I would say I am not sure what I am going to speak about! I have had a few ideas pop into my head but nothing that would give me a 10 minute talk! So I sit here typing this blog post instead of prayerfully reading and studying this message to be able to give a good talk! I guess I should stop this and try to focus on what I NEED to do. That is all just a little rant about what is going on! Oh and By the way...I will post about the first day of school before my kids have been in school a month I promise!!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

I was wondering if you were doing any kind of preparation...!

Marisa said...

I get the privelage (heavy sarcasm) of speaking in church on the same day as you. I haven't even looked up the reference talk yet. Procrastinators unite!

Smamy said...

So I'm a bad friend and just cought up on your blog - I missed all the breakfast posts even! Awesome! Oh, and good luck with that talk...:P

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